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    N O.
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    ALWAYS REMEMBER US THIS WAY. Why Did You Do That? (I feel obligated because it won't get the FUCK out of my head GOD) I'll Never Love Again.
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    Shake Ur Kitty. LOL.
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    UGH i love her ;___;
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    YESSS. She looks amazing.
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    there's one part where i think you see my outline, but most of my parts got cut unfortunately. i'm just grateful that i got to be part of it at all! there were two days of shooting, and of the 400 people there the first day, only 60 got to go the second day and i was one of them so I'm just grateful for the experience!
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    I'm significantly less active on here haha. BUT NOW YOU'VE FOUND ME AND ALL IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD. OMG RIGHT. stuck in my head for weeks, tbh
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    Rita Ora, I think.
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    p e r f e c t i o n