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  1. "So how we gonna stop the violence, stop the hurting? Stop the hatred, stop the murders. We're all human, that's for certain. Come together, we deserve it."

  2. Rain Drop

    Drop Top

    Katy abandoned that WOKE POP

    1. Jae

      Once a sellout always a sellout 

  3. Honestly a solo versions where Migos part is replaced with something...well...interesting would improve the song 10x for me. It has a lot of potential but doesn't take it anywhere.
  4. inb4 she doesn't put CTTR on the album Isn't Katy pretty much a singles artist though(before this era anyway)? A cohesive album shouldn't be super important to her.
  5. I mean, we're expecting good music, so sure.
  6. Osteoporosis 1f44c.png1f44c.png1f44c.png1f44c.png

  7. I keep waiting for....something to happen in the song, but it just never really hits. I can definitely see this being played at clubs, but I don't see radio picking this up in my opinion. Migos does nothing on the track for me, bad or good. The whole song is kind of...just there.
  8. I live for the meltdowns here. katy3

  9. Wonder what Kesha's been up to lately? I updated the Album 3 discussion thread here:


  10. Discussion

    Due to the news today I'm finally going to update this thread at some point tonight since we might actually get this album. Y'all could help by giving me some major moments in the past year or so with dates. I'll be going through the forum and her social media though to find most of it like I did last time. Page updated best I could, let me know if I missed anything for 2017.
  11. Now on Vevo!  Get them views

  12. The Azealia drama ends and the Nicki drama starts cry6 Twitter is on fire tonight

    1. Alejandreaux



    2. garrettgivre

      Go look at her twitter.  Shes blasting an ex and retweeting people about it.  Apparently hes trying to sue her or smth.

  13. Azealia is live on Periscope and is a hot mess anna1 I feel like shes on drugs or something.

  14. Keep up with what is going on with Kesha with this handy thread hottie1


  15. I love reddit but geesh, the reactions to Keshas case are something else.  Its crazy how polar opposite things can be.  I get both sides to an extent, but some people are just vile.