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  1. Now on Vevo!  Get them views

  2. The Azealia drama ends and the Nicki drama starts cry6 Twitter is on fire tonight

    1. Alejandreaux



    2. garrettgivre

      Go look at her twitter.  Shes blasting an ex and retweeting people about it.  Apparently hes trying to sue her or smth.

  3. Azealia is live on Periscope and is a hot mess anna1 I feel like shes on drugs or something.

  4. Keep up with what is going on with Kesha with this handy thread hottie1


  5. I love reddit but geesh, the reactions to Keshas case are something else.  Its crazy how polar opposite things can be.  I get both sides to an extent, but some people are just vile.

  6. My name is no brit1 My sign is no brit1 My number is no brit1

    1. Alejandreaux

      That emote goes so perfectly with it lmfao1


  7. Just updated the Kesha Album Discussion thread, check it out katy1

  8. Discussion

    I finally decided to update this thread Let me know if I missed anything important for this year
  9. Discussion

    I haven't updated this thread in forever Is there any kind of news whatsoever I could add to this? I haven't been paying attention to this section as much lately.
  10. Discussion

    Updated with new interviews in Brazil. If anyone has better sources for them, that would be helpful. I dont really forsee us getting this album until 2016 at the earliest. I'll still do my best to update this thread with whatever news we do get. If anyone wants to post more pictures for the 'Recent Looks' tab, or if I have missed any interviews or demos released.
  11. Discussion

    Updated with link to 'Lover.' Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come
  12. Discussion

    brit2 brit2 brit2 Added a little bit in regards to the 2016 trial date. Hopefully better news comes out soon. July and August had me very hopeful, and now her career is looking at its death. Settle out of court? Release mixtapes? There are options. But we'll see.
  13. Discussion

    Warriors album cover really grew on me. When I first saw it though I laughed. The Animal / Cannibal cover is perfect and portrays that era so well.
  14. Discussion

    Y'all had me thinking there was new information We had a barrage of interviews around Rising Star, and now nothing.