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  1. I sincerely hope there's a scene in Taylor's video of Reputation Taylor killing Fearless Taylor.

  2. z100 said one hour till premiere.
  3. If you're curious what has led up to the release of 'Praying', check out the album discussion thread. Now updated! A thread three years in the making.


  4. garrettgivre


    I'll do my best to get this thread updated completely tonight. I've been slacking, but yikes news overload. Thread updated! Let me know if I missed anything. 3 years in the making, yeesh.
  5. Burning Witness to CD for a friend's car, and stuck Bad Blood right in the middle because I think I'm hilarious.


  6. So I know nothing about the charts really, but is there a chance 1989 could chart higher then Witness with all the streaming madness?


    Because that would be hilarious. katy2

    1. Anna-wa

      carla1 If enough people streamed it, yes.

  7. garrettgivre

    I think Witness is too new to say too much about it, or to compare it to an album thats been out for years. But. I agree that 1989 is literally a pop staple at this point. So definitely it.
  8. garrettgivre


    I've listened to the album around 6 or 7 times, skipping some tracks here and there. Overall thoughts: Much slower (tempo and feel wise) of a release then I would ever expect from Katy. It's definitely more of a laid back album, and going into listening to it knowing that would have helped me feel better about the tracks. The production on this album is killer, some of the best instrumentals shes ever had. That said, the lyrics are just awful and all over the place in my opinion. Cringy and even a bit try hard at times. I love 'This Is How We Do' so for me to say the lyrics aren't great says a lot. The production definitely steals the show here. I think my biggest issue is I'm more of a fan of fun, not serious Katy, and this album seems to be more serious. Which is fine, just not what I'm looking for. Track by Track: Witness - This is a great track, and an example of a more serious toned Katy track that I can behind. I like the slower start and the build up to the chorus. I don't necessarily think it deserves all the weird hype its gotten from Katy stans though. It's a good song, but far from her best in any regard. Hey Hey Hey - Really want to like this song; the production is off the charts and one of my favorites on the album. But the lyrics and vocals kill any hype I have for the song. It's the biggest try hard song shes released imo. I'd love to hear this song with different lyrics. I can get behind the ideas of the song, but the execution is terrible. Roulette - EXPLOSION of a song. This is one of my favorites off the album. The build up and release of the chorus is incredible. And the lyrics are fun. Once again, just incredible production, and finally vocals and lyrics to match. Swish Swish - Nicki completely steals this track, alongside the production. Katy feels more like a feature artist here. I would love to have seen this released solo on the album, and the Nicki version released as a single after the albums out ala E.T. (Even though Nicki makes the track, she would have sold way more singles have two versions of the song) Also always here for a diss track. Deja Vu - Another favorite after Roulette. Have I said the production on this album is stellar? Because it is. This song is pretty ethereal and I'm completely here for it. Katy's vocals sound great with this type of song. Power - Andddddd then awful lyrics come back to ruin things again right when I was vibing with this album. This song sounds like a reject from Teenage Dream or something, I can't really pin down why. Just really not a fan of this track at all. Mind Maze - This song is DRIPPING with Purity Ring's influence. I knew before even looking at the album credits they had a huge hand in it. (They both wrote and produced it, so makes sense). I love the auto-tune and thought it was used perfectly. This isn't single material, but I think after many listens this will turn into my favorite track. So different from anything she's done before. Miss You More - Another song that just makes me think Katy needs to work with someone better on writing lyrics. Apparently Purity Ring produced this one as well, but its not as obvious as with Mind Maze. More scaled back slow song. I'm king of neither here nor there with it. Chained to the Rhythm - Lead single. But...why? It's not the worst track on the album, but its definitely not the best or most radio friendly. Honestly the whole 'Woke Pop' thing hurt this album then helped it. But the video is killer so I'm thankful for that, it's probably my favorite video she's ever done. Tsunami - I love her voice on this. It's a nice song. Not much else to say. Bon Appetit - This is the Katy I love, but Migos. Gross. It's a fun song but not on the level of Swish Swish or Roulette at all. Filler to feature whoever is popular at the moment. And it was a single. So. There's that. Bigger Than Me - Last Purity Ring track on the album. Filler material to me. Really the last part of the album as a whole feels like filler tracks. Not bad, but not great. Save As Draft - I'll admit, things are getting really slow on the album at this point and I'm not really here for slow ballads from Katy. (For the most part, she's done some great ones in the past). Its a song about writing a draft and not wanting to send it. The lyrics are just awful on this album. Have I mentioned that? Pendulum - A bit more up tempo finally, but once again I don't feel like there is anything fantastic about this song. The lyrics are, again, not good. There's a lot of potential in this album, but it's ruined by the god awful writing. The production is fun on this song, and even how the vocals are. The lyrics are the biggest issue. Into Me You See - ZZZZZzzzZZZ If you're here for a complete, true ballad from Katy, this song will be a better fit for you. Not for me though. Snorefest. Singles I would have chose: Roulette Deja Vu Mind Maze as promo single Album Release - Witness Video release simultaneous Swish Swish ft Nicki (with album version being solo Katy) Phew. That was a bit longer then I expected it to be. Katy's songs are typicalliy growers for me, so I'm sure my feelings will change in a few months after multiple listens.
  9. "So how we gonna stop the violence, stop the hurting? Stop the hatred, stop the murders. We're all human, that's for certain. Come together, we deserve it."

  10. Rain Drop

    Drop Top

    Katy abandoned that WOKE POP

    1. Jae

      Once a sellout always a sellout 

  11. Honestly a solo versions where Migos part is replaced with something...well...interesting would improve the song 10x for me. It has a lot of potential but doesn't take it anywhere.
  12. inb4 she doesn't put CTTR on the album Isn't Katy pretty much a singles artist though(before this era anyway)? A cohesive album shouldn't be super important to her.
  13. I mean, we're expecting good music, so sure.
  14. Osteoporosis 1f44c.png1f44c.png1f44c.png1f44c.png

  15. I keep waiting for....something to happen in the song, but it just never really hits. I can definitely see this being played at clubs, but I don't see radio picking this up in my opinion. Migos does nothing on the track for me, bad or good. The whole song is kind of...just there.