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  1. ParentalAdvisory


    hope she perforamnce the original Version next tour she Needs to stop with that awful remixes of this masterpiece
  2. ParentalAdvisory

    Celeb News

    i thought this would be mor elike REAL humans preparing for the Cats muscial, you know kinda like Black Swan but not bad CGI on Humans
  3. ParentalAdvisory


    i guess iam LOOOOST i had to pay thart cost the Thing that hurt the most was that i wasnt Lost i wasnt LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOST
  4. 10 the Album cover is iconic yall can fume
  5. ParentalAdvisory

    bc a Basic lipstick is what the fans wanted after waiting for LG6 since Joanne
  6. LIAR LTBL was 15 secs Long not 30 she doesnt sing 1 song in full lenght - that also lowkey pissed me off as well but in Antwerp we had longer versions - Berlin was to shortest date to date poor @Goldie Vanity was like a 10 sec Clip tho and Express was just the intro of the song with the spellin
  7. ParentalAdvisory

    CAUTION aged like WINE ist in my top 2 mariah Albums now
  8. the way justin sings in this doesnt fit the song what is this like i already said before they shouldve used the Justin feat. for her next single