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  1. ParentalAdvisory


    Dark Ballet 65 - God Control 100 Batuka 90 Extreme Occident 90 + I Don't Search I Find 100
  2. ParentalAdvisory


    would dorwnedmadonaa lie ?
  3. ParentalAdvisory


    i guess you didnt dreamed of San Pedro last night
  4. Latest rumor: Frozen is out, Borderline is in
  5. what a surprise you better post them videos in your intagram story sis i am waiting
  6. why do they care so much about the phone thing?
  7. ParentalAdvisory


    yes talent
  8. ParentalAdvisory


    oh wow augugaga wasnt lying when she said touring force
  9. ParentalAdvisory


    American Life vs. Medellín Hollywood vs. Dark Ballet I'm So Stupid vs. God Control Love Profusion vs. Future Nobody Knows Me vs. Batuka Nothing Fails vs. Killers Who Are Partying Intervention vs. Crave X-Static Process vs. Crazy Mother and Father vs. Come Alive Die Another Day vs. Extreme Occident Easy Ride vs. Faz Gostoso Cool Song vs. Bitch I'm Loca The Game vs. I Don't Search I Find Set the Right vs. Looking for Mercy  I'm in Love with Love vs. I Rise
  10. ParentalAdvisory


    For a so called Pop Music expert reviewer she doesnt know anything about Pop Music or Pop Music History — and im Not Talkin about just Madonna it seems like she doesnt know any album by a female Artist that wAs Released before 2015 like has she Never Heard- any Music in her life or Radio before she became a youtuber
  11. ParentalAdvisory


    That random sorry stanning in the Video
  12. she added 3 Dates in México sis calm down but great News For all the Méxican stans