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  1. ParentalAdvisory

    not my fav Xtina selling out all my other favs im shaking Liberation and Liberation Tour won
  2. ParentalAdvisory

    Miley her Team messed up the bangerz era with releasing adore you Right after her smashes um2
  3. ParentalAdvisory

  4. ParentalAdvisory

    it grew on me
  5. ParentalAdvisory

    buy Caution sis i Need her to debut top 20 here
  6. ParentalAdvisory

    queen and her messy Team
  7. ParentalAdvisory


    queen promised a tour in 2019
  8. ParentalAdvisory

    Sweet But Psycho #1 iTunes Germany #5 Spotify Germany
  9. ParentalAdvisory


    this better be on the new 2019 Album
  10. ParentalAdvisory


    A No No she wants 85Euro for a shit Location here in Köln
  11. ParentalAdvisory

    #24 USA atm still over a month until Xmas this will re Peak this year on the HOT 100 and in several european countries Spotify is even bigger this year than it was last year #1 might be Closer than ever this year Major countries last year Germany Peak last year was #3 on the official Single Charts, lowkey hoping for a #1 or #2 in my Country this year Uk Single Charts was #2 last year Usa last year #9 Peak
  12. ParentalAdvisory

    Celeb News

    Helene Fischer #8 outdoing Britney and Celine with 90% Sales from Germany this just Shows us how huge the german Music market is
  13. ParentalAdvisory


    shes here in Köln today
  14. ParentalAdvisory


    announce the new tour Dates queen i want them for Xmas and it would be a great Xmas seller