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  1. ParentalAdvisory

    @Unapologetic Bitch she is on the cover of Music week and they said this And Norbury stresses that Still On My Mind is very much a worldwide concern. “For BMG, this is probably our moment to really have a huge international success,” he declares. “There isn’t a country in the world where Dido doesn’t have a big previous sales history so we have a lot of work to do. We will be launching simultaneously in continental Europe, the UK and the US – there is a lot of US activity being planned. “The campaign is going to run for 18 months so we have plans to take us all the way through to spring/early summer 2020. i dont see this Happening but i have hope, cos the single did flop
  2. ParentalAdvisory

    queen is stanning what a Girl wants on her Instagram Story taste jumped out
  3. ParentalAdvisory

    General News

    just here for brokeback mountain legend Jake
  4. ParentalAdvisory


    This helped cant stop the feelin to become huge in Europe After He perfromed it there
  5. ParentalAdvisory


    Wonder Woman actress would be great for this tbh
  6. ParentalAdvisory

    i think this is #1 for 5 weeks now here in Germany i thought it would be a cute lil fast #1 single here but not with longvity
  7. ParentalAdvisory


    i loved that guy in BTMYH Video
  8. ParentalAdvisory


    this whole Project is a mess tho they changed the director like 4-5 times already, currently its the guy who did Blade Runner and i literal heard rumours About an Angelina Cleopatra movie fo rthe last 15 years tbh i think this movie will never happen i would love if they give the movie a cute dark Twist and Maybe some Horror and magic Elements like Queen Charlize Theron in Snow White
  9. ParentalAdvisory

    Celeb News

    A saint a legend an icon a Singer
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    i dont see it on German Spotify or apple Music tho
  11. ParentalAdvisory


    oh wow oh wow shouldve been solo from the start
  12. Do What U Want iTunes: #3 Hungary #9 Poland #37 Belarus #41 Mexico #57 Hong Kong #60 Denmark #66 United Kingdom #67 United States #67 Austria #77 Ireland
  13. That "Till It Happends to You" promo tho, i c u queen
  14. ParentalAdvisory


    Should ve been the offical Version on the Album and Video and the offcial 2nd Single Gaga did Not did that with that R Shitty Version