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    My Top Tracks 2019: 1. Bloodline - Ariana Grande 2. 7 Rings - Ariana Grande 3.Bad Guy - Billie Ellish 4. Mothers daughter - Miley Cyrus 5. Break Up with Your Boyfriend, Im Bored - Ariana Grande 6. Miss Americana & The heartbreak Prince - Taylor Swift 7. Crave - madonna 8. Bad Idea - Ariana Grande 9. Cruel Summer - Taylor Swift 10. Medellin - Madonna ( oh wow oh wow jj5 )
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    Hit After Hit
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    I thought this thread would be about the pussycat dolls
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    Oh wow
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    Nothing Special worst LAP tour Performance to dwte
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    Crave is the best Song but i Need a new Album
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    SHe is stanning Madonnas 80s work so much She needs to listen to madonnas non Album Hits After the Debut
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    For an old artist like Madonna this is unprofessional and she needs to get her shit together
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    Madonna did what she had to do britney outsellin xtina during her Peak we been knew Beyonce
  10. Out July 19 “The Lion King: The Gift,” an album featuring global artists & steeped in the sounds of Africa, produced & curated by Beyonce Knowles-Carter
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    Well they didnt dress as xtina who was also Part of the Performance
  14. She might even Go #1 Here in Germany süssherz peaked #2 last year
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    I dont See Like a prayer or Baby one more time in the OT so No ABMB is the best Pop Ballad tho and in mariahs Overall best songs top 10
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    I knew she would love it
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    Oh wow Lemme watch