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  1. And I don't really care. It's just funny that it's used as insult when I've only stan for Gaga during the Spotlight, as I stated on the previous page. Reading really helps to understand things. So sad Ke$ha peaked on her first single and is already irrelevant. And sis unlike you I don't have to cling to one single for the rest of my fave's career. We Belong Together was even more successful than One Sweet Day and broke more records than Ke$hit could dream of.
  2. You called me a monster. Insult, insult, insult. I was merely stating the truth about not being one. (That was sarcasm) But in reality you said I was delusional and blinded by hysteria, who was unable to see a different view or facts straight in front of me. So quit wining and playing the victim.
  3. Sorry I haven't really been on FOTP to remove it. lol But it's quite funny you said I'm a bandwagon fan, when hypocritcal you said this: fall1 fall1
  4. So your inflated numbers are almost as good as the lowball for all the other girls. Next. And I'm the one that needs to move? lol You came into this thread to troll, but Billboard didn't lie. And at least you're making since. I don't even know what your fellow stan is talking about it. You might need to direct him on topic. It's kind of scaring me.
  5. HazelEyes

    Artist TLC

    Who do you think is better?
  6. I am not even a monster. That is why I called you that in the first place. Have i made one post about Lady Gaga today? Nope, but you're feeling insecure by calling me a monster as an insult. Isn't calling me a monster the equivalent to putting words in my mouth since I don't stan for Lady Gaga. And you wonder why I started calling you hypocritical.
  7. Except people remember the longest running #1 of all time/Song of the Decade, not You're Still The One. The Hot 100 is a combination of sales and airplay. And isn't the whole #1 vs #2 peak hypocritcal on your part because although Animal peaked at #1, albums that peaked lower have outsold it. It is what it is, just accept the fact and move on.
  8. Hold It Against Me and Born This Way both broke records, so using your logic they were more deserving. It just shows how useless the highest single week digital sales is. My Heart Will Go On still sold more than TiK ToK even though it was released as a physical single, so in actuality TiK Tok's records mean nothing. The truth of the matter is, you come across as pressed and jealous because Mariah has the record.
  9. I've answered this so many times. You attacked me and were bragging about Ke$ha's lackluster album sales. I mean if Animal wasn't such a flop then you wouldn't be aruguing about menial amounts like 100k or 200k. You backed up saying it was good for 2010 or whatever. So basically you brought the receipts that shaded your fave while the other stan brough the receipts for TiK ToK and proving Ke$ha's a singles artist. That's why I didn't say you specifically, I said Kesha's stans because it was a puzzle where all the pieces fit together. It's funny that you're saying Animal's sales were good for
  10. It's so funny because they claim I keep comparing Ke$ha to Mariah Carey when they brought her up randomly.
  11. I don't know what you keep babbling on about seeing how I've told you the same thing countless times. Instead you reply with: font this, font that. How weak can your argument be? Yet you're still writing essays. And don't even know why you keep responding or what you're trying to tell me because you keep talking in circles? I got my stats from the fact Animal is Platinum and Cannibal is Gold.
  12. Let's see you tried to correct my receipts when they were right. And then arguing with me because I spilt some tea about Ke$ha being basic. Sorry if I mixed you up with the other Ke$ha stan (I know it's surprising there's more than one) who was comparing TiK ToK to One Sweet Day, but got mad becuase I shed some light on Animal's album sales.
  13. You were the one that corrected by correct facts for the US with WW receipts. rachel4 Sorry I don't spellcheck or reread my posts for grammar. It's the internet. Comparing songs from different eras when it's to your advantage. Let's see. You said TiK ToK was more of an event than One Sweet Day for selling 13 million than spending 16 weeks at #1. That is called a comparison. But even then you compared One Sweet Day to a song released three years later. rachel4. You're Still the One spent 9 weeks at #2 and spent nearly a year on the chart, so it's not like it was a random Top 10
  14. You Ke$ha stans are so hypocritical. Firstly, you say One Sweet Day doesn't have the alltime sale record, which neither does Ke$ha, (Elton John does) even though it was one of the years best sellers (split between two years.) But then you say Animal wasn't a flop because it was the years best debut and 15th highest selling album.
  15. HazelEyes

    Artist TLC

    So many iconic songs. Best girlgroup of all time.
  16. And no 1.5 million (including Cannbial) is nothing to brag about for an album with 6 Top 10 hits and a rerelease. That just reeks of flop and singles artist. And iTunes doesn't mean shit for album sales. iTunes just happens to be the taste of 12 year olds, which just happens to be Ke$ha's fanbase. This is reminding me of when Lil Kim was bragging about her PayPal album sales. Animal may have sold well on iTunes, but on the whole, given the single success, it flopped. The Hot 100 is a combination of airplay and sales which Mariah excelled at. It measured popularity which One Sweet Day had, w
  17. One Sweet Day kept Exhale (Shoop Shoop) by Whitney Houston at #2 for 11 weeks. If Exhale wouldn't have debuted the week it did, then Mariah would have replaced herself (Fantasy) at #1. And I think Whitney Houston's first single following the Bodyguard era was a lot more competition than anything TiK ToK was up against. Not to mention Celine Dion's Because You Loved Me (her longest stay at number one) was released while One Sweet Day was still #1. Mariah's was the only one of the three that was certified 2x Platinum. Not to mention Mariah was the first female artist ever to have two 2x Platinu
  18. My list from a "hater"/casual fan: 1. I Will Be 2. Genie in a Bottle 3. Fighter 4. Get Mine, Get Yours 5. Infatuation 6. The Voice Within 7. Dirrty 8. Mercy on Me 9. Birds of Prey 10. What a Girl Wants
  19. Ukmix is run by a bunch uptight pricks who have nothing better to do than constantly moderate threads to make sure you're on topic, no matter how boring it is or how inconsequential a music forum really is. Though that's probably because that's all they've accomplished with life because the mods organize meetings in real life together. lol But don't worry they've hated Mariah Carey forever. When Memoirs leaked they banned all Mariah Carey threads for a week for no reason except that there were too many Mariah fans, which disrupted the balance of posters. Great forum discussion. Welcome. Any
  20. If take a piece first and admit Talk That Talk is underperforming for having a #1 single, momentum from Loud, and Black Friday sales (the biggest shopping week of the year), and still debuted with figures below 200k.
  21. I thought they were talking about the US version.