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    If she performs anything, it'll probably be Fall In Line. That's the song that's on the Grammy album. https://www.grammy.com/grammys/news/janelle-monae-cardi-b-kendrick-lamar-more-grammy-nominated-artists-featured-official
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    LOL, that's not really comparable. Beyonce has 22 Grammys. She's the most nominated woman and second-most awarded woman in Grammy history. No wonder she finds the time to attend, even when pregnant.
  3. TheRoxxtar


    1. Lotus 2. Let There Be Love 3. Red Hot Kinda Love 4. Cease Fire 5. Best of Me
  4. TheRoxxtar


    I am not surprised and actually relieved. Partly because the Detroit Liberation Tour date was canceled, so I haven't gotten to experience that. And as someone with three albums worth of material to work with, she doesn't really need to release more music right now. Just tour, dammit.
  5. Guess I'll have to wait another 10 years.
  6. TheRoxxtar


    As a Detroit ticket holder, her whole post irritated me.
  7. Then they shouldn't have told us that they were going to announce a new date the following week. It's been a month.
  8. Pretty sure you can get a refund. Thought they said ticket holders can either keep them for the new scheduled show or get a refund.
  9. I was surprised to see a video where Rhea Litre was a guest queen for Let There Be Love in LA because Rhea Litre did nothing but drag Liberation when it came out saying that it wasn't liberating anyone and was a let down to fans.....
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  11. TheRoxxtar


    Bionic Prima Donna Vanity Monday Morning Birds of Prey Lift Me Up Woohoo Elastic Love I Am Bobblehead You Lost Me My Girls Not Myself Tonight Desnudate I Hate Boys Stronger Than Ever All I Need Glam Sex For Breakfast --- Should have been the album. Not necessarily in that order. One or two could have made acceptable bonus tracks. Scraped.
  12. Only one show has been canceled. The other two were postponed for being sick. All artists postpone shows when their sick. For example Pink has postponed 3 times as many dates so far this year. Although I do agree that Xtina's team should announce new dates.