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  1. Still loving the more neutral makeup looks. Y'all need to stop about the lips or else she's gonna go hibernate for another 5 years.
  2. Game

    Walk Away - 330 Fighter - 60 Dirrty - 80
  3. Game

    Walk Away - 325 Fighter - 65 Dirrty - 80
  4. So her house? I'll believe it when there's real news about it. Everyone thought she was working with Rihanna when she followed her, but Rih denied it. Everyone thought she was doing something on the VMAs when she followed them and that didn't happen either. We actually know about a song with Pink and she doesn't follow her so... People need to stop assuming follows mean something other than she enjoys that person.
  5. I like how the song titles changed, but the writers didn't.
  6. the wiki is updated: 15. "The Way" K. Sebert Countre Black James King Pearson 4:15 16. "Behind The Walls" K. Sebert Sufjan Stevens Pearson 3:47 17. "Praying (Tim Legend Remix)" K. Sebert Ryan Lewis Ben Abraham Andrew Joslyn Lewis 3:38 18. "Woman (Dave Audé Pride Remix)" K. Sebert Stephen Wrabel Brody Brown Andrew Pearson 3:24 19. "Learn To Let Go (Feenixpawl Remix)" K. Sebert Crichton P. Sebert Reed Crichton 3:22
  7. That'd be amazing tbh.
  8. Game

    Walk Away - 315 Fighter - 75 Dirrty - 80
  9. This honestly popped into my head after he announced the album, but idk if it's realistic. The idea makes me nostolgic though.
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    I like
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    O Holy Night, Merry Christmas Baby, Have Yourself A Merry Christmas and Christmas Time
  13. Janet?! People do not see Janet for her voice, lol. She follows a similar singer/dancer formula like Beyonce.
  14. When Fergie released an album with a flop single from 3 years ago, I realized anything is possible.
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    I wanna steal her look for my upcoming birthday.