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    I was devastated, but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait once a new date is set.
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    I hope she's better by Saturday! 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽
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    I tried not to go too crazy and picked my top 4. Reflection - Will always have a special place in heart as I related so much to the lyrics in my childhood. Walk Away - One of my favorite Christina tracks of all time. Save Me From Myself - Another all time fave and I just love how stripped back and simple it is, yet incredible. Unless It's With You - One of my favorites off Liberation, beautifully written and the run at the end gets me every time.
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    We're just days away!
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    She has said repeatedly she doesn't care about charts, so why do y'all care so much? I'm tired of always coming on here and seeing so much negativity. I might have to leave for awhile.
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    She may not be able to go into detail due to contracts and what not, but I don't think reality competitions in general treat contestants well. From Idol, to X Factor, to Drag Race there have been plenty of times some contestants have spoken out about how people get treated on those types of shows.
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    Maybe she will after the US tour. She says she's bringing her daughter with her and maybe wants to see how that goes first. Her first priority is her children as it should be.
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    She is still talking about the album, doing interviews and more active on social media than she has been in years......
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    To read the whole article, read the spoiler or click the link at the bottom. Below is just the Q&A. While tending to her 3-year-old daughter, Summer Rain, Aguilera discussed the four-year journey to “Liberation,” her first tour in a decade and why she gave up “The Voice.” For a while there it felt like an album was never going to materialize. I do take my time with records, but Jesus, yeah, this one was a while in waiting — for many different factors and reasons. I love collaborating so much and taking the time to get to know the people that you're working with and truly do something meaningful and not just commercialized and cliché. I'm not the artist that's going to just get a bunch of songs from my label, record it and put it in a little bow and send it off. What kept you away from music for so long? I felt disconnected for a while and I wasn't in the right headspace either being in an environment that was just not good for me. That environment you’re referring to is “The Voice.” You said you felt suffocated as a judge. When did it stop being fun for you? Nobody expected [“The Voice”] to be as big as “Idol” or take off the way it did. It just became a whole different kind of a machine. You'd have two teams at once because they were overlapping seasons. It just wasn’t exactly what I wanted to be doing with my life. I'm not a spokesperson. I'm an artist. The blind audition thing was very intriguing to me because it provided an opportunity for anybody to get on stage and be discovered, regardless of their look. Being in this business for so long and knowing how labels work and how packaging is so very important, that idea of not being able to see them was genius to me. But year by year, I kept seeing things that were not lining up with that original vision. The show progressed in a direction I wasn't into and that I didn't think was a lot of times fair. Do you think there’s still any value to singing competition shows? Look, everybody has their own experience, and I don't want to devalue anyone's own experience with any of those shows. As an artist, I believe in artists being able to express themselves how they feel they should. Just know there's a lot of other people involved in those shows. Certain factors and things are dictated according to what ratings will be. It's definitely a business. I also saw blatant things that I didn't think were okay and that I'm sure no one would want to put up with in a work environment. It was important for me to step away. "I had to get back to my own artist body and self," Christina Aguilera says of her six-year hiatus. (Milan Zrnic) Your last projects weren’t critical or commercial successes. Did that add any pressure while working on “Liberation”? Because I am a real vocalist, I have always heard, "Why don't you just stand and do a bunch of ballads?" That’s just one element of what I do, but it's not everything. I would be so bored if I sat on the stage and just sang ballad after ballad. I'm an artist. The label was great in giving me the freedom to take my time and do what I wanted. I'm no stranger to knowing how to play the game. It is an amazing thing whenever things are commercially received and successful. I've had those successes with “Genie in a Bottle” and “What a Girl Wants,” and I was still miserable because I wasn’t connected to the music and wasn’t being able to change it. I’ve done my share of that and I see a lot of artists get into that trap of chasing the charts. After I'm dead and gone, I really want the music paid attention to and not because of where I charted or how commercially successful it was but because the quality has stood the test of time. Although the album is heavily R&B and hip-hop, it was still surprising to hear that Kanye West and Anderson .Paak were key to informing its direction. How did that happen? I sat with Kanye a few years ago, while I was still on “The Voice” actually. We met at Rick Rubin’s studio where he was recording at the time — he was finishing “The Life of Pablo” record — and we just connected. I loved the tracks he was playing me. That’s where I heard “Maria” and [the album’s lead single] “Accelerate” for the first time. They had so much heart and depth. His music makes you feel something impactful, one way or another. He's a controversial artist, and I've been that way myself. Working with him felt really good. I had done some recording before the Kanye meeting but doing “Maria” with him gave me the base for the album. The whole story unfolded before me when I listened to the song. And then Anderson really helped the album take shape. I met him last year, and things rapidly unfolded. He is just such a great musician. He's such a great lyricist with such a strong cadence. I explored different ways to use my voice on this record, and it wasn't all about hitting high notes and being acrobatic and full of ad-libs. I wanted to scale back again and just really vibe. There’s always been a thread of empowerment in your music. How much of what was going on in the world influenced the music you were working on? The climate right now is interesting because there are so many people that are feeling oppressed or suppressed. I’ve always been about putting out messages that I feel strongly about and about my truth. It’s why I did songs like “Beautiful” and “Fighter” so long ago and why I have songs like “Fall in Line” and “Sick of Sittin’” on this album, records that are perfect for anyone that maybe need to find their own truth. We’re in a place where people need to feel liberated and I wanted to reflect that. You’re going on your first tour in a decade. What can fans expect? Ever since I had my son [Max Liron, 10], the idea of the tour has actually scared me. I was like, "How does this work? How do people do this? Do I uproot my kids from their home life and everything?” With this more intimate tour, it's kind of lessening the pressure. I’m dipping my toe back in the water and also giving my fans a real chance to see me after they haven't in so long. I'm probably going to take my daughter with me because she's so little. I don't want to be separated. It'll be interesting. SOURCE: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/music/la-et-ms-christina-aguilera-interview-20180702-story.html
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    There were two discs because it's two concepts. The first disc she worked with hiphop producers to create a throwback feel with a modern twist. The second disc is all collaborations with/produced by Linda Perry. Personally, I like disc 2 better.
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    I think it's only been a couple weeks and everyone in a panic is overreacting. Both Bionic and Lotus had more than one single, so I doubt Liberation would only have one. Given her secrecy over the Pipe collaboration, I would be really surprised if nothing came from that in some sort of official reveal. I think that'll be at least one more single. But if not, who cares. Fans got new music, why can't we just enjoy it?
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    The best song is already eliminated so