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  1. I didn't know they actually performed, but I remember them auditioning and announcing new Dolls to be with Nicole. Then after Nicole left, I remember Robin auditioning girls for Pussycat Dolls: New Generation that was suppose to be led by Pia Mia.
  2. Someone edited the track so you could hear the background vocals of the other Dolls. [EDIT] This one's mixed better:
  3. Asia won and then left. TBH she shouldn't have even won. But as far as I know she didn't record anything with them or ever perform with them, so... Melody said in an interview that she wasn't returning because there was nothing to go back to... that she was a singer not a dancer.
  4. Actually, Carmit is the second best vocalist after Nicole. She had more lines in their debut album than Melody who just ad libbed.
  5. This is the best interview she's done in years. It was refreshing to see her so relaxed and asked different questions from the norm.
  6. The phone number given is North Carolina area code so I doubt it's her...
  7. Title: Fantasy Genre: R&B, Rap, Pop  Track List: 1. Dirrty (feat. Redman) 2. Can't Hold Us Down (feat. Lil' Kim) 3. Save Me From Myself 3. Prima Donna 4. Like I Do (feat. Cardi B) 5. Get Mine, Get Yours 6. Impossible (feat. Alicia Keys) 7. Lift Me Up 8. Say Something 9. Nasty Naughty Boy 10. Fall In Line (feat. Pink) 11. Pipe (feat. Eminem) 12. Mercy On Me
  8. 1. Pipe 2. Unless It's With You 3. Deserve 4. Accelerate 5. Like I Do 6. Twice 7. Fall In Line 8. Right Moves 9. Masochist 10. Maria 11. Sick of Sittin'
  9. The Voice Within Hurt El Beso Del Final Red Hot Kinda Love Obvious Xtina's Xmas Xtina's Xmas Tough Lover Accelerate Running Out Of Time
  10. I'm still bitter about Detroit being cancelled.
  11. My albums from the pre-sale tickets finally arrived today.
  12. The best: 1. Let There Be Love 2. Best of Me If I'm being nice: 3. Lotus Intro 4. Cease Fire 5. Empty Words 6. Red Hot Kind of Love Everything else is complete garbage. Shut Up is the worst song she's ever made.