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  1. This is why we are still waiting because 2010 showed us she can't balance more than one thing at once.
  2. Photos

    Now I can't unsee it.
  3. Photos

    I think that's just what it looks like when someone takes their time to style it instead of just throwing some gel in it, slicking it back and calling it a day.
  4. Back then you had a lot of female vocalists who had more wholesome images like Mandy Moore or Jessica Simpson who were marketed as the "anti-sex appeal." Then you had artists like Pink and Avril Lavigne who were very against that as well. Also Britney and Christina both came from Disney, which I think made people hold them to different standard once they adapted a sexier image. It's kind of funny now, these days every popstar is on stage in a rhinestoned leotard. But tbh, though the women who go through sexy transformations in their careers may be shamed for it, they often last a lot longer than those who don't.
  5. I'm just saying it's more reliable than the sourceless tweets everybody here has been counting down to every week... Magazines and newspapers use "sources say" all the time when they get information from a credible person who needs to stay annoymous.
  6. LOL at people questioning an actual publication more than the random twitter accounts.
  7. Discussion

    What is the current concept?
  8. Discussion

    Is it still caviar ratchet? That interview was 2015.
  9. Y'all remember when the explicit version of Your Body leaked months before Lotus right?
  10. Photos

    I feel like it's been hyped up way more than Bionic or Lotus was, so if it doesn't it'll be embarrassing. But I think the hype is a good sign.
  11. Photos

    If the rumor of May is true, then it will probably come sometime this month. If the rumor of September is true, we probably still have months to go.
  12. Album

    My Collection includes: Just Be Free Christina Aguilera Mi Reflejo My Kind Of Christmas Stripped Back To Basics Bionic Burlesque Lotus
  13. Album

    No Christmas album?