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  1. She looks like she's got two ham roasts stuffed down the back of her dress. Probably savin' 'em for a little midnight snack.
  2. What, she couldn't have sex with one more for an even 920?
  3. I'm going to start adding this to every single one of my posts so no one can ever argue with me or try to prove me wrong again. I like your style, gurl xtina13 P.S. This post isn't up for discussion, so please no diss and no receipts. In some other thread, perhaps.
  4. No one should have to suffer when trying to listen to Lana del Slay gaga18 I've heard people saying the same things about the i+ version of Ride; maybe the problem is on iTunes's end? How does Ride sound to you? EDIT: Does this sound distorted to you, too? If it does, maybe that's just how it's supposed to be? http://soundcloud.com/lana_del_rey/lana-del-rey-burning-desire-1 Son of EDIT: Oh, fuck, that's not her official SoundCloud
  5. There's an i+ file in VIP, bb
  7. People eat rabbits, though. So if they killed the rabbits for food, then used their skins to make a jacket, how is that different from leather? What else are they supposed to do with the skins? Throw them away? Wouldn't that be wasteful? I don't understand the problem here.
  8. There should be a second poll with only A, E, and F as options. The vote's too close right now.
  9. Show me there's no such thing as invisible unicorns. Your logic is flawed
  10. I caught a glimpse of his peen in Shame, woke up 5 days later and pregnant. Such is its power
  11. I want her dick inside me gaga24
  12. We're all brains in a vat. The vat is your skull. And you're hooked up to your eyes, ears, tongue, nose, skin
  13. If you're done with him, GaGa, please send him my way Fixed it for you gaga15
  14. You and your fucking headlines fall4fall4fall4fall4
  15. Don't you mean "Fight to Win?" And it's not Cee Lo's song; he's featured. You need to invest in a fact checker, son
  16. Three threads worth of discussion today gaga22 Three threads where you specifically mention GaGa gaga22
  17. I think the real question is what would Agugaga do .gif' alt='ny6'>
  18. The worst part is it didn't work paula2 I did get to meet Harry Potter, though... yum1