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  1. omg :deadbanana: are these the arabian covers or something?
  2. I hate it, what was she thinking
  3. Why do some of you care so much about how much money popstars make? lmao it never made sense to me. And this goes to any stan, not just Xtina stans. Both Britney and Christina are filthy rich, they probably wouldn't need to work another day in their lives. You're not getting any of it, why is it so important? The one who is more of a millionaire is more successful? lol. But if you wanna play the money card then Britney's net worth probably doubles Xtina's soo... Good for Xtina for making that much money in 90 minutes alone. None of us could ever. But why are you saying Britney doesn't love
  4. Yeah you should probably wait till everyone wakes up :deadbanana:
  5. I always thought it would make an epic opening, specially for the ~blackout tour. "it's been a while, I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting... but I'm here now"
  6. Lift Me Up>>>>>>>>>>>>> One of the best on Bionic tbh :worship: :worship: :worship: Unpopular opinion but I didn't like the Haiti version that much. Album version slays>>> Not here for LUTS tho
  7. Break the Ice cry6 cry6 Wish she was performing it in Vegas