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    fall4 These are a MESS

    omg :deadbanana: are these the arabian covers or something?

    .gif' alt='ny4'>

    I hate it, what was she thinking

    Why do some of you care so much about how much money popstars make? lmao it never made sense to me. And this goes to any stan, not just Xtina stans. Both Britney and Christina are filthy rich, they probably wouldn't need to work another day in their lives. You're not getting any of it, why is it so important? The one who is more of a millionaire is more successful? lol. But if you wanna play the money card then Britney's net worth probably doubles Xtina's soo... Good for Xtina for making that much money in 90 minutes alone. None of us could ever. But why are you saying Britney doesn't love performing and they're forcing her? She never said that. She said she might retire after this residency to spend time with her kids but she'll "probably get bored and come back again", her own words. To you it LOOKS like it and that's your OPINION. But to me, it seems like Xtina is over this business more than Britney. I mean who's the one that barely promoted her last 2 albums? that never performed her last first single for her fans? the one that hasn't toured in over 7 years? I mean you can say whatever you want about Britney being "over it" but she has 2 worldwide tours, countless music videos, promo performances of HER OWN material and a 100 date residency since her breakdown to back her up. "They're forcing her" is YOUR theory. I enjoy her performances, she looks into it most of the time to me and as a fan I am happy with that. I am not sure how happy you are as a fan that Xtina is performing for billionaires, I know I wouldn't care.


    Yeah you should probably wait till everyone wakes up :deadbanana:

    I stan so hard for that song cry0

    where's Elastic Love?
  10. HAZAYY

    Toxicney gave us EPIC performances
  11. HAZAYY

    idts ny12
  12. HAZAYY

    I always thought it would make an epic opening, specially for the ~blackout tour. "it's been a while, I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting... but I'm here now"
  13. HAZAYY

    Lift Me Up>>>>>>>>>>>>> One of the best on Bionic tbh :worship: :worship: :worship: Unpopular opinion but I didn't like the Haiti version that much. Album version slays>>> Not here for LUTS tho
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    Break the Ice cry6 cry6 Wish she was performing it in Vegas
  15. OMFG hey, I'm good tbh, just hiding Came to support Godonic
  16. ROUND ONE! 1. Bionic- DanKing2604 2. Woohoo - lukehh 3. Birds Of Prey - Kirjava 4. Monday Morning - Warrior 5. Vanity - Hyunmin 6. Glam - Haruka 7. I Am - viXen 8. Little Dreamer - Halcyon 9. Lift Me Up - xtinaluver1 10. Stronger Than Ever - Dirrty4Xtina 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. ELIMINATED: 2. Not Myself Tonight - Ravenna 4. Elastic Love - Arjun 5. Desnudate - Slaytina (LoveletterTina) 6. Glam - Haruka 7. Prima Donna - Dita Von Teese 8. Sex For Breakfast - Brunette 10. All I Need - Rich Bitch 12. You Lost Me - Rihanus 13. I Hate Boys - MichaelDaFighter 14. My Girls feat. Peaches - Merryem 17. Bobblehead - Blonde
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    Borderline def.
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    welcome @ brit0
  19. looking fine tbh. Ready for that new era.
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    Well if nobody will be here I can't talk to myself
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    I'll be here but idk I'll be posting tho good luck with those 20 euros
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    where are you going
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    I do tbh, was just messing