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  1. Firework

    Can't wait for it.. Hope it slays me like blow
  2. Firework

    VersaceGa looks so great
  3. Firework

    Voted :cheer: Hope she will win at least 1 award :cheer:
  4. Firework

    I like it but the single cover >>> the album cover
  5. Firework

    I love the sneak peek Hope they will release it soon +excited+
  6. Firework

    it's coming !!! one more week .gif' alt='cry3'>.gif' alt='cry2'>
  7. Firework

    Some insiders need to share some info about the new single to us
  8. Firework

    Steadily climbing to the top xtina44
  9. Great for kelly. It really deserved it.
  10. Firework

    Perfect day +legend+ cry1cry1
  11. I hope BTW will win it , but grammys will do surprise thing and give it to Rihanna.
  12. Firework

    So we will only get 3 new songs?
  13. Firework

    She looks so healthy and pretty. +love+
  14. Firework

    Can't wait for this!! +excited+ One of my favorite song in the album +love+
  15. Firework

    +1 +legend+