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  1. MTE her thin ass voice and wagging jag trying to be big, lmfao. They saved the best for last.
  2. J. Taylor


    Jordan's facial hair
  3. J. Taylor

    of course
  4. J. Taylor

    I love my Hanson boys
  5. J. Taylor

    Last season, minus pointy bitch I need Cee-lo
  6. J. Taylor

    MC >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mariah's nostrils>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mariah's hair>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YT
  7. J. Taylor

    The last two posts the longer ones I mean
  8. J. Taylor

    Areola is just a dingle berry Moo wiped away and Xtina flushed. Onto the next "star" plz.
  9. I fucking read this as "orgasming" .gif' alt='fall2'> .gif' alt='fall2'> .gif' alt='fall2'> what is wrong with me .gif' alt='fall2'>
  10. lbr she won't show Summer because she looks just like her papa, Adam
  11. J. Taylor

    omg everything you've posted so far Agree 100%. Kind of related, but what you said about GGW - I noticed that with Xtina's most basic, boring song of all time--Let The Be Love--which I dislike a lot, but everyone who "hates" Xtina or thought Lotus was "shit" loves it.
  12. J. Taylor

    God I'm so over this "THREE" "X" "IV" "4" album title trend
  13. J. Taylor

    Came here to say this
  14. J. Taylor

    C. 2000 for both, Britney Xtina ___ Gaga Lana Pink