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  1. LaPetiteMort

    Music owes Taylor Swift its existence lbr, it wasn't till she reinvigorate it and like reinvented it. She's the full package, i think her power lies in those hairy arms of hers.
  2. LaPetiteMort

  3. LaPetiteMort

    you are a cunt, calling me a dumbass, getting personal in BG. report yourself bitch
  4. LaPetiteMort

    I got you that pressed .gif' alt='ny6'> You poor thing go outside and have some air And what are you going to report me for ? Dragging you by that crusty weave ?
  5. LaPetiteMort

    shit girl, talk about your fave for a second, you can't cause the bitch is worth shit has nothing going on and is irrelevant af, so your bitter ass just brings Britney up thinking you're somehow discrediting her legacy and all her accomplishments with xtinct's mundane achievements and your insults towards her You xtinctards are the definition of pressed.. Bless ur heart bitch
  6. LaPetiteMort

    Moderator Notice: don't insult members outside nhb
  7. LaPetiteMort

    dont be so harsh on yourself little monster, call up the brave bus they'll scoop you right up
  8. LaPetiteMort

    bitch I don't have to guess.. It's you're obsessed ass
  9. LaPetiteMort

    .gif' alt='ny6'>
  10. LaPetiteMort

    I have no reason to be pressed, what where the results of the poll again? You can keep trying though, think you have an argument when it's all delusional xtinctard bullshit.
  11. LaPetiteMort

    bitch how long has Christina had that "potential", She would of made a comeback by now.. What fucking "past, present, and future" do you have ? The voice? Britneys has shows scheduled until 2017 she's not spinning on some chair like an idiot being a recurring reality tv judge Bitch don't try it.. " I couldn't find an answer" more like you can't find a fuckin clue
  12. LaPetiteMort

    " cuter than my dog" never did I say that, she wishes I said even my dog can take a cute picture What I mean is that gaga has some cute pics but we all know she ugly af, has saggy tits, stretch marks and she can smell tomorrow with that nose So there you go again looking like a fool
  13. LaPetiteMort

    this gif is more entertaining whatever you posted, so I won't even bothering reading that bullshit you typed.
  14. LaPetiteMort

    that beat new artist Grammy award is worth shit when empanada Spaulding has one Christina's first album didn't out sell BoMt, and I turn to you was a flop in the U.S.