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    she looks beautiful, and to think we wouldve had the new movie tomorrow
  2. Event

    Shit, I would be annoyed af too especially after having been doing all that Met Gala stuff all day, Im sure she was over it.
  3. Other

    Is he fucking serious, him being more talented than Gaga. I would say theyre on the same spectrum/wavelength of talent but not the same level of talent. Gaga reigns superior.
  4. The production is pretty spot on in being by Kanye. I like the song tbh, but it is a bit sloppy (like kanye).
  5. Album

    Judi Dench from the James Bond (Daniel Craig) films.
  7. Single

  8. I'm not pretending. I know that Dua is a higher quality artist. She is a pop star, so the music isn't going to be this deep and never before seen experience but its definitely unique because of her voice.
  9. Dua Lipa has a lot of praise from many artists and is on major fashion campaigns and magazines, so yes Camila is on the radio more with mediocre pop songs and sketchers ads on TV, but its quality over quantity......
  10. READY FOR IT. I'm so glad this is right on time for Coachella, I'll get to see him perform new music live!!
  11. Didn't read all this, but if there are no tickets left to sale on official ticket websites such as livenation/ticketmaster... then it is sold out? Ticket scalpers still spent money on those tickets. If no one bought them from the scalpers then thats no ones fault, but Gaga still got the coins.