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  1. Moedano


    ARUTW Shallow Is that alright?
  2. 2 more hours exactly. 9:30 PST 12:30 EST 5:30 GMT
  3. I dont understand why stans give a shit about their fave's personal life, as long as their life isn't in danger like Demi for example. Listen to the music and shut the fuck up. Let whomever name their songs and album tracks what they want.
  4. Moedano

    I think she's here to stay for a while, of course everyone fades after a while as well. I see her already going further as a solo artist than temporary girls like Bebe Rexha, Rita Ora, Alessia Cara that rely on features to remain relevant.. while they are very talented, they are also very uninteresting.
  5. Moedano

    Sure jan. I was there for both, they were both great. Of course Beyonce's was more elaborate because her team had the right amount of time to do all of that. That's all im saying.
  6. Moedano

    and you don't think in that time they planned everything that was going to happen during her show, not Beyonce but her team? Of course they did. I said she had almost 2 years to prepare, that doesnt mean just the physical part of it. I'm just saying she had way more time than Gaga even if she would have never gotten pregnant. She still had more time. I'm not hating, I thought it was great but I dont see how people can compare a last minute replacement to something that had been in the works for so long.
  7. Moedano

    but the fact that Beyonce had almost 2 years (she was originally booked Summer 2016) to prepare her coachella set, then it better have slayed ... but Gaga had a month and a half and it still fucking slayed so, to me, that says a lot about Gaga and her team.... Gaga for me, for coming it at last minute and sending my wig to venus. P.S. - I saw both performances live and was blown away by both - I dont hate Beyonce, but I identify more with Gaga and her music.
  8. Moedano


    This is obviously staged for views...
  9. Moedano


    she looks beautiful, and to think we wouldve had the new movie tomorrow
  10. Moedano


    Is he fucking serious, him being more talented than Gaga. I would say theyre on the same spectrum/wavelength of talent but not the same level of talent. Gaga reigns superior.
  11. Moedano

    The production is pretty spot on in being by Kanye. I like the song tbh, but it is a bit sloppy (like kanye).