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  1. Glenn CoCo


    PM me a link too please.
  2. Someone please link me to where all the lady gaga leaks are. I need to download them. cry5 

  3. Does anyone know where I can watch the BET awards?

  4. Glenn CoCo

    I'd assume it's hard to maintain quality in your productions when you've got 100 things going on at once Anyways, good riddance, one down, several to go
  5. I can see Latrice Royale doing amazing with it tbh
  6. Glenn CoCo

    If Ariana can get played on Radio while singing about the dick being so big you walk side to side, I think DIC will do just fine
  7. Forgot to mention the Drag Race announcement, Lord Godga came from the heavens and blessed the gays this week
  8. Glenn CoCo

    The disk is nice and round. Perfect hole in the middle.
  9. Because it's her first Pregnancy
  10. Glenn CoCo

    You sure spilled it
  11. It kinda looks like he did some botox
  12. Tied between Britney Jean, Lotus, Music of the Sun for being the worst of the worst