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  1. Pls @Kidd come back I never met you but I want to Big Bess the Mess is FOTP HISTORY

  2. Legitimately one of her worst singles ever, yet one of the best videos she's done since Womanizer.
  3. When I saw it on the newsfeed I thought this was gonna be a Britney topic with pics of her at gas stations ::
  4. Philip you lil tramp. .gif' alt='fall2'> Maybe next era.
  5. and DUI is a slow jam bop sis do not deny and a good analogy for her career since it's like we all got blackout drunk and have no memory of when she was getting hits
  6. the amount of effort some people have to put into going to a concert, i.e. spending money on gas because they have to travel, a hotel room to stay in, etc., that often times cannot be refunded when a concert date is cancelled the day of or even the day or two before because some people travel to the concert city's destination before the day of, it can mean as much as a fart into the wind that it was rescheduled for a later date I realize she's giving the excuse of having bronchitis, and that's bad for her if true, but it can still be pretty devastating financially to people who do not li
  7. reminds me of any drag queen show I've been to at the gay club Icon here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama fags just walking around trying to get drunk and/or laid as the drag queens do their thing
  8. this is actually pretty funny. the slay queen. :legend:
  9. Kidd

    is it just me

    I love seeing @ dragging Gilly & the other Britney haters for absolute filth and leaving them as bald as Britsus on February 18th, 2007 with actual logic and not just blind hate even when he doesn't really like ha. get on with ya bad self The Artist Formerly Known as WelcomeToTheMachine.
  10. http://www.buzzfeed.com/hunterschwarz/britney-spears-original-doll-secret-history-lost-album #justicefororiginaldoll
  11. I actually like this song and prefer the Christina version to the solo version that is quite often played on the radio now. but I had no idea it was Christina the first time I heard it. As I listened to it I thought A Great Big World was a band made up of a man & woman and at any moment Christina is gonna suddenly start with her OOOOOHHHHs and WOOOOOOOOOs at any moment. They must have made her record it at the end of the hallway from the recording studio.
  12. nothing about Brown Eyes? .gif' alt='ny15'> her best ballad imo.
  13. people take stan wars too seriously, tbh. At the end of the day it has no affect on my bank account if Britney is #1, Gaga hits #1, Beyonce wins 12,000 Grammys, or Christina smashes with a diamond album. All that counts at the end of the day are the actions I do to better my own life. aka be an RN and make that good nursing bank. I'm glad to see people who dislike her on FOTP taking a stand against this. As much shit as I have given Christina, I would never be a dumb, tactless cunt and say something rude to her in person. She's a human being just trying to survive and figure he
  14. I am shocked, dismayed, and flabbergasted ...at how itchy my butthole was as I read this.
  15. I actually agree tbh Gravity, and Sandra's performance in it, is the most overhyped movie of the last couple years tbh. I mean she was good but I wouldn't have given her an MTV Movie Award for it, let alone nominated her for every prestigious award show in the film industry I think she's mainly being awarded for her career as a whole and not for the actual performance in the movie.