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  1. that's not what the reputation button says
  2. Moderator Notice: No trolling in artist sections
  3. the fuck? and by that logic rihanna introduced edm into mainstream music with WFL, gaga/blackeyedpeas brought electronic dance into the mainstream, so are they all innovators as well? fact is madonna just jumped on a bandwagon that was taking off, it's just harder to discredit her because there was no internet or proper way of monitoring the undergrounds trends back then in this world sweetie there are 2 types of people; sappers and energizers. you are of the former
  4. screaming at it going over your head.
  5. you were desperately seeking validation so i only complied
  6. and you think i give a shit about your opinion? seethe bitch. ad hominems are for those without an argument. thanks for proving my point.
  7. what does it feel like having your head up madonna's ass? save face, you're weak. and that block of text is a complete red herring; she never brought 'genres' into the mainstream; either you're delusional and trying to make yourself look non-delusional (ironically making yourself look more delusional), or you're just a complete mong she 'captured the essence of different decades?' .gif' alt='ny6'> another way of saying she bandwagonnned on each trend to stay relevant, that's hardly something to be proud of you .gif' alt='ny6'> i know both artists inside out and trust me lady g
  8. those fossil receipts? this isn't 2009 sis
  9. Love Me Like You Do #1 United Kingdom #1 Austria #1 Denmark #1 Germany #1 Indonesia #1 Mexico #1 Philippines #1 South Africa #1 Switzerland #1 Thailand #1 Turkey #2 United States #2 Australia #2 Hong Kong #2 India #2 Ireland #2 New Zealand #2 Norway #2 Russia #2 Spain #3 Sweden #4 Belgium #4 Netherlands #5 Brazil poor you and ur faves
  10. cant read my camt ready my poker facee
  11. is this why gaga makes her and her fanbase fume?