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  1. Album

  2. You forgot the most recent: Flo Rida Taio Cruz Pitbull
  3. Celeb News

    I read it too but didn't know it was actually the transcription of a flawless video with an old footage of Goodbye that I crave now
  4. Discussion

    Don't worry, I adopt your old top 3 1) Let Em Talk 2) Boots 3) Boogie Feet LTLG is included in the singles? if not, it's my 3rd
  5. Album

    Since yesterday I'm obsessed with the flawless Britney-like masterpiece called Boots
  6. Album

    And this is actually a good comparison, you gotta trust us I wonder if we will ever hear Lipsha
  7. Discussion

    I was thinking the very same thing, I loved that album (a lot of Luke tho ) and I think her voice and personality fit so good
  8. Album

    Yeah, Hymn is cute but totally weak as a single when there are such gold songs
  9. Album

    Totally best songs on the album, Let 'em Talk is perfection to me. Then I also love Woman, Learn to Let Go and Boots.
  10. Album

    Listening to this album there's only one thing to do: try to survive until the last song. Not sure I can do it
  11. Album

    I can't find a damn link but it's very easy to find people that brag about having it
  12. Discussion

    I think when the Rainbow era will be over (hopefully not too soon) some leftovers from past years will leak
  13. From the Animal handbook: Rule #1: never, never expect anything when she announces a surprise or some new stuff. Real surprises come without notice.
  14. Single

    Definitely better than the snippet, I don't see it as a huge smashing radio hit like someone but it has the classic Kesha vibe that usually was trashed or neutralized by him For me the placement in the tracklist will be very important