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    truth noun, plural truths [trooth z, trooths] /truðz, truθs/. the true or actual state of a matter: He tried to find out the truth. conformity with fact or reality; verity: the truth of a statement. a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like: mathematical truths.
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    Everyone mentioning Meet Me In Space We already loved it when it was known as Young & Reckless and still unleaked
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    Celeb News

    It was a promo tour in medium sized venues just like her official tours, the same night I saw her in Madrid there was a huge Gaga show (The Monster Ball Tour) and despite it there were like 2k people for K$. One of the first european animals was a girl from Germany and if the shows existed she was there for sure, but she deleted her Youtube channel a long ago... Anyway being a dinosaur has many other downsides, trust me
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    Celeb News

    She should have been in Germany during the Animal promo tour in december 2010, I don't remember if the shows were confirmed or canceled because it seems there are no videos and it's weird. From my archive: She never had a show in my country too so I had to go to Spain (2010), UK (2011) and France (2013), I tried to get a ticket for the London show last november but it was impossible from primary market
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    Celeb News

    Emotionalsha I made an exception because I don't want to see any of her live recently because next monday it's been 5 years since my last show and still no signs of european dates
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    Celeb News

    2014 as year helps too
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    Celeb News

    I'm sure she planned the whole thing as soon as she knew that rule
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    Most of them are the same, uploaded again everytime they add something related, I don't know how to explain. The exhibits are like 200 including emails, messages, pictures, screenshots...unfortunately the most interestings are under seal so unavailable for us. I don't know/remember who is Marc Beaven, while Michael Eisele is the fan who runs KeshaTODAY and the related #FreeKesha movement.
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    His team keeps adding screenshots of all the bad news about him, usually from news/gossip sites, in this case (the letters from rehab) they used this forum as source
  10. Not sure how it works, it could be temporary or whatever, anyway every document filed during the past month has her name as judge
  11. Case detail now mentions this new judge, since about the end of may
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    Everyone say hi to his lawyers desperately searching for proofs about how much we hate him
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    A screenshot from this forum has been added as exhibit a few days ago The thread is here: A few other details: Kelly Clarkson and Adam Levine gave actual depositions but transcripts are under seal Pink, Avril and Taio Cruz signed the declarations saying they are not working with Luke anymore for other reasons
  14. Found the screenshot, my guess was right Soon I will open a thread about it
  15. 1260 06/18/2018 EXHIBIT(S) Screenshot of posting on Flop of the Pops dated February 1, 2014 037 CHRISTINE LEPERA OMG we're in The screenshot is about this topic: