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  1. Discussion

    I was worried nobody asked it yet this month, somebody should open a FAQ thread about the section and put this one as first Also Kesha without the dollar sign is actually a newcomer so it fits very well
  2. Discussion

    OMG I forgot this and I can see why But I remember when she said something about scaring him with a pink dildo and that fixes everything
  3. Achievement

    I also love that Rainbow is under Kesha on a different page than Ke$ha
  4. They're so good, now I need the full lossless Rainbow instrumental
  5. Achievement

    A month ago I found that Animal has a very low score on metacritic and I'm still mad about it. I think the critics in their 20s were the boring guys that spent their weekends at home.
  6. Discussion

    All That Matters
  7. C U Next Tuesday (2017 Mix) C U Next Tuesday Pt.2 (Feat. Macklemore) C U Next Tuesday (No Autotune Mix) C U Next Tuesday (Deconstructed) C U Next Tuesday (Live)
  8. Most likely it's false or there will be a lot of remixes or deconstructed versions (that would be cool)
  9. Achievement

    What did I say yesterday about Melodrama and Rainbow?
  10. Achievement

    Or...in 2019 will start the dominance of latin pop. ... ... ... No, I'm kidding. During last summer I had this recurring nightmare about a latin song featuring Justin Bieber and I'm still not over it
  11. Achievement

    Here you can find the talent: 114 Lorde, Melodrama 115 Kesha, Rainbow
  12. Celeb News

    Also she's never been in arenas here, biggest places were like 4000 people
  13. Celeb News

    I don't trust the european tickets mafia and flights/accomodations could be significantly cheaper