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  1. Recycled stardust

    I know that's why I'm scared We will see, I hope you're right because I have a very bad feeling
  2. Recycled stardust

    In this third complaint he added a lot of emails dated after the start of the lawsuit, so they added a lot of evidences supporting the same theory. Did you read the old documents with all the rulings in his favor? it was the old judge but I don't think the new one could do something different with the provided material
  3. Recycled stardust

    I'm confused - All the factual evidences, particularly emails about the organization of the press campaing, support his claims of a defamation plan - Her team(s) keep saying the same things since the beginning and failed to produce anything other than words to support their defense You can't demonstrate the truth just saying it's the truth endlessy
  4. Recycled stardust

    Why? because after 4 years of nothing they said this? "Kesha is informed and believes and on such basis alleges that she may have additional defenses available which are not fully known and of which Kesha is not presently aware. Kesha reserves the right to raise and assert additional defenses after such defenses have been ascertained."
  5. Recycled stardust

    It looks like they're kinda desperate btw, the third amended complaint has an endless stream of evidences that match perfectly
  6. Recycled stardust


    Smells like a friday night bitch fight I'm ready for it, go girls
  7. Recycled stardust


    This is me, by far
  8. Recycled stardust


    I was wondering: what does it mean register to vote? in US you should register to vote when you reach a certain age or every x years or what?
  9. Recycled stardust


    To me it got boring after 2 minutes I loved two things: - her vocals - the girls at 3:10 But the song
  10. Recycled stardust


    And what about tour
  11. Recycled stardust


    You on ATRL
  12. Recycled stardust

    I think you're new: this isn't supposed to be that public, Die Young and Praying videos have all the details about our secret cult, newborns should find them by themselves
  13. Recycled stardust


    The video that made me sign my lifetime stan card