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  1. Recycled stardust

  2. Today a friend sent me a picture of his car radio that was playing Tik Tok
  3. 9 weeks of slayage and the song was everywhere even in Europe
  4. Recycled stardust

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    Kesha can't be brutal But the bad man's persistence is just like him
  5. Recycled stardust

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    Something like this (spoiler alert: it's the ending scene of a movie )
  6. Recycled stardust


    Queen of longevity and of this adult pop thing that I still don't fully understand
  7. Recycled stardust

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    I'm so tired of this
  8. Recycled stardust

    Lipsha, songs with Sia, there's a lot of potential GOLD hidden somewhere
  9. Recycled stardust

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    I wonder if she's so mature (and boring) in real life or just her public persona. If she's still the same, of course she can't be herself because she definitely doesn't want a 2018+ edition of the "Taylor Swift + Vodka = Kesha" meme
  10. Recycled stardust

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    I'm here because of that era but now it would be awkward and nonsense I think, too many things have changed Now I'm just waiting for new music because her voice is still amazing (even more without autotune), she can finally make rock-influenced songs but I already know I won't see tweets about vomit and weird people, funny interviews, funny youtube videos...damn she was so funny
  11. Recycled stardust


    Most of them are uncertain or unknown
  12. Recycled stardust


    I gave up trying to find some logic and I put everything into a single unreleased folder, artist name Kesha
  13. Recycled stardust


    Because she's not a princess