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  1. Recycled stardust

    This is so so sad
  2. Recycled stardust


    As Chris already said, before the official release of Animal there were a few fake versions online, most of the real songs were already available but in my version DWTIME, Blind, Hungover and Animal were some unreleased with fake titles
  3. Recycled stardust

    Only one missing is Rania Problem is I still have to listen: Dalshabet, LOONA, Girls' Generation (but I know something already), CLC + 27 more including sub-units
  4. Recycled stardust

    I know how you feel! Past november I downloaded about 50 k-pop groups (girls only ofc), I still have 31 in the "to listen" folder
  5. Recycled stardust

    That's also more like her tbh
  6. Recycled stardust

    MCBL season 3: my cook book live
  7. Recycled stardust

    I finally saw it a few weeks ago and loved everything about it, that part I modified is the initial speech just before a battle
  8. Recycled stardust

    I always thought the plot of Gladiator fits very well with her story: she leads an army, she's been imprisoned, she's fighting for her freedom and she will have her vengeance in this life or the next
  9. Recycled stardust

    Her speech should be like this
  10. Recycled stardust

    The calm before the storm
  11. Recycled stardust


    In this case, I look crazy without any makeup so she should hire me
  12. Recycled stardust


    Yeah this, also she has a natural beauty that SHINES so much that is visible from the other galaxies In the end I don't really care about the look as long as she feels good, but I fear the heavy makeup means she feels ugly or something like that
  13. Recycled stardust


    The bodyguard fell asleep on the beach?
  14. Recycled stardust


    The IMPACT
  15. Recycled stardust


    Same It was Dec 25th 2009, a friend shared on Facebook the Tik Tok video (that's so 2009) and basically when she said "bottle of Jack" I knew she was the one. Then I downloaded the fake Animal album we talked about a few weeks ago and I spent the last days of the year reading the whole keshadaily blog from the very beginning: every interview, article and picture, then keshaforum and I met a few people that became very good friends, also I started stalking a girl that eventually became one of my best friends for years (@xXenia but she doesn't read the forum anymore and we talk twice a year ). During the first year my favourite song was TIO then switched to Backstabber then YLIMD or vice versa I don't remember I think I need to accelerate a little bit the narration: december 2010 I saw Kesha live for the first time, then again in 2011 and 2013, meeting some of the animals in real life and later even saw them on MCBL (they fucking made it), then the lawsuits, the people getting jobs and not having time anymore to post here...what a journey.