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  1. Celeb News

    I wish it was the London accent, when I go there I don't understand anything because I'm used to the american, expecially southern because I like it, and it's totally different
  2. Celeb News

    I love her old school southern accent
  3. Crazy Kids featuring simply doesn't exist. It's the only song I don't have in my collection and I have 322 files (including instrumentals, stems and the most embarrassing featurings). But Crazy Kids solo version is the unique version. Stop, end, bye.
  4. Game

  5. Game

    10 even if I voted 9 for the megarate
  6. Game

    Blow 8 btw
  7. Game

    Where I can find your picture fullsize? google images is useless and I need it in my life
  8. Game

    I thought I was the only one to notice that @Chris Morlock is addicted to 10
  9. Other

    I think many things are right but I don't think it's been intended as a concept album, the themes and lyrics are definitely her life before the album and that's the main difference between a real songwriter and...puppets
  10. Other

    I'm sure she meant that now she doesn't even like to drink anymore
  11. Discussion

    3 more because Cannibal is an EP and the contract says 6 LP
  12. Discussion

    Actually the infamous contract is between Kesha and Kasz Money Inc then Kemosabe was founded in about 2011 with the involvement of Sony and I don't know the details about the relationship with his personal society
  13. Game

  14. Celeb News

    This, even if the rape didn't happen (and I think it didn't) the abusive behaviour is well documented and pretty clear during the case itself. If he was a good person, letting her free when she wanted to, she wouldn't have to say anything against him.
  15. Celeb News

    Oh well I remember this, I thought she said something about him