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  1. Other

    That's totally cute but makes me feel a dinosaur
  2. Other

    For us it was released october 14 on youtube, one of the few real surprises we got
  3. At first I saw "luke drug" and it was very very very bad
  4. Discussion

    It is for sure...it's very sad but she probably needs to stay away from the internet. I voted for the Animal era, we were so young and reckless
  5. Game

    10 of course
  6. Game

    Unfortunately my breakups are totally like Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
  7. Game

    And it was a lyric video so I was sure she would understand Now I'm going to bury myself in shame
  8. Game

    10 When a girl broke up with me I sent her this song, I feel so dumb thinking about it now
  9. Discussion

    I'll do it, in my video folder I also have Backstabber and Take It Off (K$ n' Friends version)
  10. To me everything that man touches sound like shit, like the Crazy Kids remix. I don't hate him as a person but I hate his plastic demential productions and the autotuned singing rapping whatever he makes
  11. Does anyone know the differences between Hot 100 and Pop Songs? because they look very different, right now: Song Hot 100 Pop Songs Look What You Made Me Do 4 1 1-800-273-8255 3 7 Strip That Down 16 2 http://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-100 http://www.billboard.com/charts/pop-songs
  12. What a legendary debut I'm surprised about I Gotta Feeling at #87 but I totally hate it so it's well deserved Other peaks: Rihanna #17 Katy #23 Britney #25 Gaga #48 Taylor #49
  13. Game

  14. Discussion

    This please, fuck the electropop
  15. Celeb News

    She did: http://www.eonline.com/news/444971/ke-ha-i-had-a-tail-when-i-was-born