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  1. Rosé is killing it in the teasers
  2. My entire country because we're on full lockdown:
  3. Her side of the story is pretty much the same
  4. Back home after her show yesterday, she OWNS the stage: 2 hours straight of jumping, running, dancing, going everywhere, playing guitar (even improvising lyrics like "there's a broken string on my guitar but I keep playing"), changing clothes and all this while singing 100% live. She also keeps watching the crowd and interacts very often with her fans. One of the best performers I've ever seen
  5. First time you see it: WOW Next 10000 times: still WOW
  6. The evaluation phase of HR is over so my mathematical ranking of her albums is: 1. Rainbow 8.20 2. Warrior 8.19 3. Animal 8.10 4. Cannibal 7.89 5. High Road 7.74 Lowest score: Old Flames 5 Highest score: The Harold Song, Let Em Talk 9.5 Without math Animal would be 2 and Warrior 3 but Animal's score is ruined by a few songs PS: I miss our ranking games in our beloved section
  7. Yeah, plus this time she's doing the full show in Europe too where usually they have to simplify the stage because it's kinda expensive. And despite this, the tickets are very cheap compared to most of the other artists, she's amazing