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  1. When they said it would flop
  2. Well, actually not everything is lost I found something really cool and it's also back on topic: https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/kesha-dolla.13745/ It was when TiK ToK leaked at the end of june 2009, before the release. Take a look, some comments are hilarious
  3. I did really care about that forum, it was online since when she wasn't famous at all, then the rumors about the new single "dolla" that turned out to be TiK ToK and the rest is history. It should have been online forever, like KeshaDaily and her Myspace, but we lost everything
  4. You're making me feel like Kesha when she can't release the music she wants I'll try to think about something but don't expect anything
  5. Theoretically yes, but I'm not sure about the legal implications because the domain wasn't mine and the original owner disappeared a long ago. Nowadays the laws about personal data and such stuff are a huge mess
  6. I didn't make the theme, I rebuilt the whole forum migrating to another platform, converted the database fixing tons of errors and spam...then one day without any notice they gave everything to a network of fansites and it was clear from the beginning that they would make it die in a few years. They banned me because I was against this idea, then things went exactly as predicted I still have the whole backup of the forum dated 28/08/2011 and it may be the only one still existing
  7. Yeees, we had the very same experience
  8. Nope the next one, it lasted just a few months before they banned me and switched back to IPB with the basic theme that had 0 customizations https://web.archive.org/web/20110816233855/http://www.keshaforum.com/ https://web.archive.org/web/20111215071804/http://www.keshaforum.com/
  9. Well, do you remember the orange/black version that everyone hated so much? I made it I'm sure I know you, what was your nickname?
  10. Recycled stardust

    Bad Jisoo would still be more credible than Dara in I Am The Best No shade intended, they're my bias actually
  11. Recycled stardust


    Ready for it at one condition: that the old Taylor stays the fuck away from the phone like in 2017
  12. It seems that finally I'm not the only dinosaur here Did you write somewhere on the internet back then? Keshaforum, Keshadaily?
  13. Recycled stardust

    Yes it is, the format is unusual for me so I realized after posting The secret code thing was way cooler
  14. Recycled stardust

    Does anyone know what is the 6 digit number on fancam videos? is there some meaning, a database, whatever? EDIT: ops, I think it's just the date
  15. I think the fourth was Mouth, for sure titles didn't fit AT ALL music and lyrics but anyway I didn't check for so long