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  1. PREVIEW OF Girls Gone Wild and Turn Up The Radio - http://www.iheartradio.com/player/?mid=21787815
  2. +excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited++excited+
  3. 9AM: Full Video premiere on Youtube.com/Madonna Full song premiere on "On-Air With Ryan Seacrest" Pre-Orders for MNDA start on iTunes Moments later: MNDA Megamix premiere on "On-Air With Ryan Seacrest"
  4. 9AM: Video premiere on Youtube.com/Madonna Final Mix of song premiere on RADIO iTunes will offer an exclusive global pre-order of an 18 track Deluxe Edition of MDNA including one exclusive remix from Madonna's new album. The bonus remix will be available from Friday February 3rd through Monday February 6th only. Sometime around 9:05: MegaMIX of New MNDA songs premiere on RADIO
  5. Um so what? +scratch+ So she didn't perform this song on the Back To Basics tour but she performed it on her first tour and the Stripped tour and she always performs it at private shows. This thread is beyond reaching +laughcry+
  6. 18 TRACKS +excited+ VIDEO PREVIEW ON IDOL +excited+ SUPERBOWL +excited+
  7. So....How's Marry The Night doing? xtina18 iTunes: Billboard: Radio Airplay: