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  1. ok I'm actually really turned on right now Applying for that school now.
  2. Pretty Gays

  3. Confessions. TEOM sounds just like every other Mariah album.
  4. Pretty Gays

    All I Want For Christmas Is You
  5. Pretty Gays

    Slave but Dirrty is good too.
  6. aren't all us fans pissed off about that?
  7. Charli, Gwen, Imagine Dragons, Lana, Gaga, Nicki, Jessie J, Ariana, Beyonce.
  8. Pretty Gays

    Y'all hating on Madge for doing 100k more than THIRTY years into her career while your faves ain't doing much better than her and they aren't even ten years into their careers. But yas at Empire slaying!
  9. Pretty Gays

    some of these
  10. Pretty Gays

    He said it is iconic tho look at his second post in this thread
  11. Pretty Gays

    Blackout > Bionic > Beyonce > Ray of Light All great albums.