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  1. Thanks! I always thought you had to sign up to sirius to listen on there
  2. Also, does anyone know where I can listen to his full appearance on Howard Stern in 2017 without buying a subscription to Sirius? I haven't been able to find it anywhere...
  3. There is a really amazing podcast he did, I don't remember who's it is but it's called SWIM or Someone Who Isn't Me. He goes in depth about making HUD, his dad dying, politics, & all kinds of things.
  4. Thank you! I'm telling myself I'm only gonna listen to the two released songs & Say10, though. I'm gonna try to wait until I have the CD in my hand before I listen to the rest. We'll see if I have the strength.
  5. Can somebody PM me a link to the album download please? @Chris Morlock?
  6. The chorus reminds me of that Mulan song for some reason.
  7. It'd be awesome if you could take a few mins & listen to my new song! chi1