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  1. You win the game cuz you're the ace of spades and I'm the queen of hearts take my crown away and even if we're not meant to be I still can visit you in my fantasies the real Perfect Illusion is still quaking at this iconic song
  2. If this is a real and a console game I am 1850% buying it on day one. Bring me my open-world custom character harry potter game
  3. Addi


    BOMT: Oops Britney In the Zone Blackout Circus Femme Fatale Britney Jean Glory
  4. Addi


    Femme Fatale Blackout Circus Glory Oops I Did It Again In the Zone Britney Baby One More Time Britney Jean
  5. Addi here

    My crush took a selfie with me, added me on FB and snapchat, and gave me his phone number today. I'll invite you all to the wedding

    1. H.O.N.E.Y

      I'm your wedding singer tho and this is the song I'm singing while your father walks u down the isle. rav2



    2. Princess Aurora

      oh wow that was fast

  6. Addi

    I wish the bitch would just release
  7. Addi here

    The Mean Girls Musical album really did that

  8. Congrats that's so great! Way to slay them all
  9. Because if there's anyone more irrelevant than Xtina, its Rita, Bebe, and Charli (even though I love Charli), not to mention the Girls song is just kind of yikes in and of itself . Cardi seems to be doing well for herself with the GP so she probably sis helping the charting a lot. However, 3 irrelevant girls + Cardi + a generic song thats getting a lot of (rightful) backlash does not make a smash. Twice may be boring, but it serves vocals and is coming from an old icon, despite how floppy she's been in the recent past. For once I agree with Agu.
  10. Addi

    It's cute but nothing new. As has been said, it sounds like it should be on Tell Me You Love Me and definitely wouldn't have been my pick for the third lead single. Unfortunately, unimpressive as it is, it's the best offering so far so I'm not too perched for the album
  11. Addi


    She's alright, not really my thing. Her songs sound like they want to be more than they are
  12. I love rap when its not about problematic subjects, it's a very fun genre