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  1. Addi


    BOMT: Oops Britney In the Zone Blackout Circus Femme Fatale Britney Jean Glory
  2. Addi


    Femme Fatale Blackout Circus Glory Oops I Did It Again In the Zone Britney Baby One More Time Britney Jean
  3. Addi here

    My crush took a selfie with me, added me on FB and snapchat, and gave me his phone number today. I'll invite you all to the wedding

    1. H.O.N.E.Y

      I'm your wedding singer tho and this is the song I'm singing while your father walks u down the isle. rav2



    2. Princess Aurora

      oh wow that was fast

  4. Addi here

    The Mean Girls Musical album really did that

  5. Congrats that's so great! Way to slay them all
  6. Addi here

    When the cute guys you thirst followed on instagram follow you back demi1 

  7. Addi here

    Reputation goes hard xtina14

  8. Addi here

    Popped by to say hello I'm alive grad school is stressful moo1 

  9. Addi here

    Ooh look what you made me do oprah2

    Look what you made me do 


    Look what you made me look what you made me do 


    1. K$ANIMAL

      I'm crazy just like you yas2

  10. Addi here

    1400 miles, 3 days of driving, and 3 days of unpacking and what not, i am officially moved into my new apartment sass5 

  11. Addi here

    got my new car and i move across the country in 5 days brit2 

  12. Addi here

    I was busy thinkin' bout boys








    I was busy thinkin' bout BOYS



  13. add me to the tag list sis I'm perched
  14. Addi here

    My powerbottom pink macbook and beats came today brit2 I'm so excited