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  1. Can someone pls PM me Joanne piano version cry1 

    1. Infrared


      you still need it?

  2. They would have to offer up a much larger prize that 100k to get everyone in. Perhaps a points system to keep everyone in the entire season too. Raja, Sharon, Jinx, and Bob have said they would do it. Bebe ( ), Tyra, Violet, Chad and Alaska would probably do it. I'm unsure about Bianca and Sasha but you never know.
  3. They are announcing the cast of AS3 next friday (as if we don't already know ) and Rupaul said he is sold on doing an All Winners AS season
  4. PM me if you want the two new Gwen Stefani songs that leaked moo1 They're from the 2014 scrapped album

  5. Same here. I'm sure it'll still be entertaining nonetheless She's basically the queen of WOW at this point. People think the crown is hers.
  6. Filler season tbh Shea said they are filming AS4 next summer and she will do it then... I imagine that season will be epic.
  7. Confirmed cast of AS3 from a live taping:
  8. I'm more surprised that he was still touring for it. Didn't this era happen like 2 years ago?
  9. That would be really awesome if she got a nomination for MR Anything for the Joanne era, really.