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  1. Tyler


    Says the Britney Spears fan
  2. You’ll love it. I wish I heard the soundtrack before seeing the movie! Heading the full songs and words totally completes the experience.
  3. Tyler

    Now girl we both know if Xtina gets 1/10th of the success Joanne got it will be a surprise. Love your set btw
  4. Tyler

    They should have done a deal with Oreo to up the budget a bit.
  5. Tyler

    She had next to no chance of having a hit anyways, but she solidified that with this trash song.
  6. This song is a bop regardless
  7. Wow I haven't seen any news coverage on this. This is so sad. Welcome to Trump's America.
  8. Tyler


    Dangerous Woman is still that bop but NTLTC is soooooooo good.
  9. I'm obsessed!! Gets better with every listen.
  10. Tyler

    I love most of Kylie’s discography and I really didn’t like this album. Just not for me. I wanted gay af pop Kylie
  11. Tyler


    I love it! Her vocals are so good
  12. Tyler here

    Can someone pls PM me Joanne piano version cry1 

    1. Infrared

      you still need it?

  13. Interesting that this suddenly leaks after the whole world is taking about what a racist piece of shit he is
  14. Now delete ha from existence! Was the movie “The Thinning” he was in about his hair?