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  1. Interesting that this suddenly leaks after the whole world is taking about what a racist piece of shit he is
  2. Now delete ha from existence! Was the movie “The Thinning” he was in about his hair?
  3. Achievement

    Queen I'm loving her new looks.
  4. Fucking terrible crowd
  5. Talent stanning talent
  6. I knew that Pink was always underrated with her album performance, but she is SLAYING in a time where album sales are completely dead. Lets not forget it's been over 5 years since her last album too.
  7. Not her outselling most of the pop girls entire last eras in her first week
  8. SLAY Did not expect such great numbers. Especially since the lead wasn't a massive hit.
  9. Celeb News

    "I can relate to her as a human" is rather broad But stan!
  10. Getting ha coin! Wouldn't you?
  11. I actually really like the album! The singles are the worst songs