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  1. Well, while it has that catchy basic pop formula, it's not doing well on the US Charts rn, i hope it doesn't become a hit. While it's a cute non-sexual song i still do not like it at all, it may be catchy but the lyrics are so meh and it reminds me so much of Call Me Maybe that it hurts ._. also the video it's so cheezy (hope i got that word right), and what's with bieber and his weird haircut and all too... this song has everything to hate it with the heart.
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    K, who the fuck is in charge of these covers? i keep wondering if labels are qualified to do these jobs, they keep making artists go for awful and cheap edited covers, they remind me of a picture i once saw while watching a tutorial on how to edit with Gimp
  5. Honest review, you can sense the hate a lot but still it was a good one IMO
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    More song leaked? Dang it
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    Same here, PLEASE SOMEBODY
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    Is this mess for real? i can't believe it i mean the release date isn't even close D:
  10. my god, can't see shit, i have the black theme of the forum
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    Def FF, Circus is a jewel but i don't feel it has that kind of good unique songs unlike FF, Circus is great for me but simple
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  13. Mmmm first the interviewer shouldn't attack her that way since they invited her, but i can't defend Joan too, she tends to act like this you know, like talk to someone and then attack her, don't come with honesty cause she sometimes mentions Britney's perfume and stuff and not critize her in a good way but laugh about it, if she wants to be respected she needs to do the same. I've never seen her apologize in public so, bye.
  14. fall1 we gotta BELIEVE!
  15. OMG don't you dare she's capable of doing that! bitch teasing us and then dropping it
  16. LMAO, guessing when the album is coming out it's like playing poker, too many posibilities
  17. Flop, maybe got her some attention from the media but not the GP, i mean Applause was fucking everywhere!! and the video made people mad crazy about it, but i think that was it, my friends dont even know what ARTPOP is and that she released a new album, so im fine with Applause, i love Aura and think it needs a video but NO. Talking about the video.. wasn't Aura supposed to be Telephone's sequel? shit this sequel it's going to happen in like 10 eras.
  18. Im crossing fingers that she releases the album SOON, not "real soon"... but i doubt she release it even this year cause of the pregnancy, at least she's gonna enjoy her new baby and maybe that will inspire her!!
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    OMG yes it took a lot of time since that single for her to release her album, now bitch has a second and it's slaying
  20. Ik, im excited about it and she does makes every album different!! that's why i love her, it's just that i felt like someone told me something i already knew
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    NICE! i remember a few days before it's release that her fans were saying she needs a hit cause she cant be a one hit artist and stuff, i love how she fucking blowed up from like nowhere i remember her first single like it was yesterday
  22. But she always says that!!! fall1
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    That pikachu picture OMFG fall4