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  1. Not sure if I should add "The Cure" to the OP as "single #3" or start a new thread for it's stats. I'll decide in the next days to come!
  2. Could definitely be top 20 on overall radio by the end of the week!
  3. So happy with how this is doing!! Should be top 40 on overall radio by Wednesday or Thursday of this week. It'll also be #19 on Pop Radio tomorrow! "Don't Wanna Know" and "All Time Low" are going recurrent. I heard this on the radio 4 times yesterday and 3 times today. And I only had the radio on for short car rides. I'm so happy.
  4. Million Reasons is doing very well! Thank you Super Bowl!! I completely edited the OP, I will try my best to keep a log of MI's radio updates. Btw, today it officially went top 50 on overall radio!! So happy this is becoming a sleeper hit!
  5. Super Early Top 10 Predictions 1. Shape of You (=) 2. Bad and Boujee (=) 3. I Don't Wanna Live Forever (=) 4. Bad Things (=) 5. Closer (=) 6. Fake Love (+2) 7. Don't Wanna Know (-1) 8. Paris (+3) 9. Million Reasons (RE-ENTRY) * 10. Starboy (-3) *being optimistic with this one
  6. Well it's that time of year again, and it wouldn't be complete without my year-end top 100 countdown!! 2016 was an interesting year full of fabulous pop music, and I've compiled my Top 100 SINGLES countdown, yet again, based on my favorite songs of the year as well as my own personal "Hot 40" chart. ( You can find that here--> http://michaelsmusiccharts.wixsite.com/home/hot-40 ) I'll additionally include my top 5 favorite albums of the year. I'm also working on a video of my Year-End top 50 songs!! Something I have never done before, and I think it'll be something new and excit
  7. It might be re-surging on radio!! It got a great update yesterday and an even better update today. It's also getting green updates on iTunes!! Don't count this song out yet.
  8. 1. Just Dance (longer intro, I want to hear the "redone, convict, gaga" part and hyperventilate) 2. Poker Face 3. Bad Romance 4. Paparazzi 5. Born This Way 6. Perfect Illusion (Mark Ronson guest) 7. New song (Mark Ronson guest) 8. The Edge of Glory (piano) 9. Applause
  9. Bump Does anyone know how much PI sold in its second week (US)?
  10. I mean this thread is really dedicated towards the airplay updates of the era. Me keeping track of the chart runs is just a bonus.
  11. AMAZING My only complaint: It's a bit painful to watch towards the end due to the flashing. I wish it could be tweaked a bit.
  12. Hello all! I'm back! Okay, so I know there's another "Perfect Illusion" thread keeping track of iTunes updates, etc. However, I wanted to follow suit and make a thread similar to the mildly successful one I made back in 2013 for the ARTPOP era (Hopefully we can pin this thread?). Here I will keep track of each day-to-day radio update (and Billboard Hot 100 chart trajectories) for all the singles from "Joanne." Kworb Daily Airplay Updates Single #1: PERFECT ILLUSION Day 1 (9/9): LADY GAGA - Perfect Illusion: 17.064 (NEW) Day 2 (9/10): LADY GAGA - Perfect Illusion: 20