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  1. Her face looks weird She looks hotter in 2006 :teehee2:
  2. Kichigai

    Hits comes and goes, but talent lasts forever.
  3. My faves are not flopping though
  4. Kichigai

    You post like a bitter middle-aged housewife. :teehee2:
  5. I will rap I'm OK :teehee2:
  6. she make headlines all over the world after appearing on a flop late night show. When are your faves gonna do it? .gif' alt='ny6'> Receipts for the flopney stans: https://news.google.com/news?ncl=dOM...=English&hl=en
  7. Why are you mad though? My grammar has nothing to do with your faves bombing and flopping. :teehee2:
  8. Kichigai

    Selena Gomez is cute but she's basic as hell unlike my favorite Godley Cyrus. I've been a fan since I was 12. #nicetrybandwagoner
  9. Kichigai

    The other one used to be famous in the early 2000s :teehee2:
  10. Kichigai

    You are a fake Godley stan. #bandwagoner
  11. Kichigai

    Godley or Xtincta?
  12. You stan for flopga therefore your opinion is irrelevant :teehee2:
  13. Kichigai

    Who is the chubby girl in the first picture? :teehee2: