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  1. Curious on what sound she is going for
  2. Photos

    Same, I wanna watch again!
  3. Album

    Is this worth listening? Im not overly a huge fan of country but I do like Kylie
  4. Photos

  5. Madonna set the standard and crossed new boundaries and still is talked about more to this day. Along with inspiring other artists to do what they do.
  6. ONLY issue I wish Destinys Child performed longer. But Michelle and Kelly killed it as well! Would love to see a Reunion
  7. Photos

    I watched this live, she seriously isn't human. She is on another level its crazy. SO talented, would love to see her live
  8. I think for me is the delivery of her vocals. Lyrically tho i do like it
  9. Probably my least favorite song by her
  10. I think she would of stick doing music the majority of her career and have side projects for acting. Although I have a feeling she probably wouldn't have been as big as we may think she could have been
  11. This story is ridiculous. She obviously didn't do it on purpose , this whole thing is silly
  12. Single

    So goooood love the 90s flare!
  13. I agree sadly. I previewed it and was expecting something more. He just recycled the same sound
  14. Low key excited... also love the album name and the cover
  15. Discussion

    New Years Day. I do enjoy the song but I find it so out of place compared to rest of the album. Few tracks I didn't like when the album first came out were So It Goes, Getaway Car, Dancing With Our Hands Tied. But now I enjoy them