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  1. Paranomin

    Music Video

    Thats cause the word God is meant to be spelt with a capital...... lol
  2. Paranomin


    How much did 1989 sell?
  3. i think she said its her favorite from the album. Grandma can have a little fun! I just hop its a BOP!
  4. i just read some of the lyrics that are suppose to be in the song... it sounds pretty dirty hah
  5. I think so Yeah.. to be honest TLIC sounds unfinished and is VERY sloppy with the production. I think if it had more of a production and remove those talking background vocals it would of been better. The chorus should of had a bigger sound
  6. gettin that free promo!
  7. i think its to different and wouldnt get radio play
  8. I love this song, its def my top 5 gaga songs!
  9. Paranomin


    Im low key excited!
  10. Paranomin


    Pretty sure this is a random single release to get on the charts for the summer
  11. Drake isn't for me, I do get why people like him. I just find his music predictable lol
  12. Paranomin


  13. Is 5SOS worth listening? I LOVE Youngblood by them haha
  14. Paranomin


    I would say this could be fake? But why would someone go through the effort of making this up. I have not yet seen anything from this tour and sadly she didnt come to my city... first tour she hasnt.