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  1. tbh she is clearly having PTSD still
  2. This isnt terrible news by any means. Usually people are to busy recording the performance on there phones or not to much into dancing. If they hire actors they wouldn't record on there phones plus they would be dancing so overall making the experience great for everyone.
  3. I'm not saying he is gay or one to judge someone. But it all kinda speaks for itself. Especially his music not referring to a female or male in his lyrics, and the repetitiveness talking about him not being gay. If anything its his label probably pushing it... only because he has such a young girl fan base. Once he comes out that will hinder his sales big time
  4. That why I really like Taylors promo. She is very particular and good at teasing and have every pretty much lined out
  5. Paranomin


    Im excited to see her new sounddddd
  6. Paranomin


    Dosen't exist
  7. This is crazyyy! But what would the purpose be to tease this back in November under a different name. How would someone figure that out !
  8. This era seems colorful overall. Curious on the sound of her new music
  9. Paranomin


    Where can i watch this
  10. One of my closest friends released her new single today. Night Call with Madison Mars also with Spinnin' Records! Its a summer bop! Hope you guys enjoy
  11. I can see the tour triggering it. She may have that fear that it will happen again I hope she does well
  12. LOL! WTH!!!! Why is this a thing!?!?!? LMAO
  13. Paranomin


    Wasn't she suppose to release a new song for an upcoming soundtrack? Wonder if this is it... hmmm...
  14. Rihanna Bey isnt popular with the GP anymore.