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  1. I’m curious how well this album will do since it sounds so similar. For me I thought of an artist constantly dosent grow sound wise they usually tend not to do as well cause people get sick of the sound 🤔
  2. Yeah. It’s super safe and generic. Wish she would change her sound more. I find thank u next, sweetner and positions all sound the same
  3. I actually don’t like it. I didn’t finish it. Very boring and sounds the same as her other stuff. I like motive tho
  4. The BlackPink collaboration was release while back
  5. Not surprised. I honestly hope pop music shifts. Little tired of the same sound over and over again
  6. I loved witness. I think it’s weak single choices was a reason for the flop. I think its one of her best albums and most genuine works
  7. Just listened. Not sure how I feel about it. I like all the singles she released. But I don’t know the direction sound wise she was going for. It’s a pretty generic pop album. Nothing special. Was hoping for a bit more. I don’t like the album but I like it at the same time. Felt like I heard everything before. I feel like Katy turned into Katy Perry in her career and became a character. Now she is Katy Hudson but I feel like she’s lost in finding the balance/sound between herself and Katy Perry. I really love the girl tho. Gonna give this a few more listens tho.
  8. Meh. It’s her own opinion and her own experiences. I don’t see anything wrong with it honestly. Nothing to get “cancelled” over.
  9. It’s okay. Kinda not needed. I like the original more. But I get it if she is doing a full album re release of remixes
  10. Sadly it’s record labels controlling these not so big artists. Gotta be in the industry for awhile and build your name up and then you can do what you want 😔