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  1. Paranomin


    Maybe they forgot about it and was suppose to release it and then they found it and was like Oh might as well release it...
  2. Paranomin

    Celeb News

    This. We may not have her around today if it wasn't for him. Proud of her for stepping up and cancelling her show since shes been working even through her break down.
  3. Paranomin


    This leak?
  4. This track is extremely safe and nothing special. It sounds a bit dated. So far its my least favorite out of the galsss
  5. Paranomin

    LOVE this song and sound. Cannot wait for there album
  6. Paranomin


    I like it as well. Especially because I find sometimes when an artist names an album a certain title. Sometimes you go in with expectations on what that album will be about.
  7. @Infrared@Stacey Q's Greatest Hits@Starlight@Venus XCX@RebelHeart15@Jose@Dan@Russian Roulette@Kuba@kira@witchcraft.@Philip@Ruthless Love@Jake@Law@Miley@Party Monster@Living Dead Boy@Chris Pratt@attitude
  8. Back again with another single from Letters from Pluto! LOVE LOVE LOVE this track. Thought I would share it with you guys. Also the album single artwork photo is taken by me! Hope you guys enjoy, would appreciate if you guys could take a few minutes to take a listen and we would LOVE to hear your feedback about what you think! (Tried uploading the single cover here but won't work)
  9. Paranomin

    I actually agree with her getting album of the year. Honestly Im tired of drake and always sounding the same. Reputation did kinda fade from the public eye but she has an amazing tour and the album is actually a great album. Well deserved
  10. LOVE the video. My ONLY issue is... im pretty sure she used a body double for the video tho... the close up shots are her infront of a green screen. When they show the scenic shots her face is always not shown
  11. Paranomin


    wasnt that suppose to be a single?
  12. Paranomin

    Im sorry there grown ass women that need to go separate ways and stop acting like children. If you dont like each other, then stop wasting time on each other and move on. Like common.
  13. Paranomin

    Its so dumb people are blaming her... its not her problem he had an addiction. The internet is so toxic, its sickening. I can't imagine being blamed for someones death.
  14. Really hope she reinvented her sound and it dosent sound the same as everything else shes done before
  15. She went back into the studio to record more songs when it was first pushed back. I have a feeling they are revamping the era and can def see an album title change along with the album cover