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  1. 28 songs in that amount of time. Songs would have to get shortened from the original length....
  2. I know. I was saying she performed so many songs within an hour and 40 mins. Meaning majority of the songs lengths got cut
  3. Ekkk so many songs for that amount of time.
  4. P.S I dont get why they still do encores! You have no idea how many people leave when they think the concert is over. It gets on my nerves
  5. Kinda surprised she didn't perform problem
  6. I low key want her to perform break free
  7. omg how is into you!?!?! I refuse to watch any videos since Im seeing her in April
  8. I think she is really shy and gets extremely nervous so she sticks with singing. I think the same reason why she rarely does interviews and stuff