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  1. Paranomin


    Hmmmm... something feels off. I feel like this album is rushed for some reason. Especially since she released four songs from it before it was even fully finished. I really hope it’s good! But I dunno i didn’t realize she announced a tour the same time. So there must of been some delays. She had all the tours booked before the album was finished
  2. Paranomin


    Best is Style worst is bad blood. That remix wasn’t needed.
  3. I wouldn’t say anything if I was Ariana. If anything I would break ties with him ASAP. It shows his true character and what his real motives are. Then speak out when she isn’t under him, as much as we want her to speak out. I’m pretty sure it’s not the smartest move
  4. Paranomin


    She goes by Kesha now she dropped the dollar sign. Her older self she went by Ke$ha. Curious what this is
  5. On the first listen. I really enjoyed the album. Way more then I thought and more then reputation. I really like the overall production on the album. It’s more minimal compared to reputation (which isn’t a bad thing). I also love the 80s synths on the tracks. This is definitely has 1989 elements but obviously different then that album. But it’s s good body of work overall. It’s pretty impressive this far in her career she can still make a quality album
  6. It’s been leaked to 4 hours now. I’m surprised took this long for someone to make a thread
  7. The album will be in our hands soon! Common tomorrow midnight
  8. Paranomin


    Am I the only one that’s feels like it’s unfinished 😔
  9. tbh she is clearly having PTSD still
  10. This isnt terrible news by any means. Usually people are to busy recording the performance on there phones or not to much into dancing. If they hire actors they wouldn't record on there phones plus they would be dancing so overall making the experience great for everyone.
  11. I'm not saying he is gay or one to judge someone. But it all kinda speaks for itself. Especially his music not referring to a female or male in his lyrics, and the repetitiveness talking about him not being gay. If anything its his label probably pushing it... only because he has such a young girl fan base. Once he comes out that will hinder his sales big time
  12. That why I really like Taylors promo. She is very particular and good at teasing and have every pretty much lined out
  13. Paranomin


    Im excited to see her new sounddddd
  14. Paranomin


    Dosen't exist
  15. This is crazyyy! But what would the purpose be to tease this back in November under a different name. How would someone figure that out !