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  1. Me too. There is so much division and hate in the world now adays. Its sad to see two powerful respected women not getting along.
  2. Paranomin

    Im sorry there grown ass women that need to go separate ways and stop acting like children. If you dont like each other, then stop wasting time on each other and move on. Like common.
  3. Paranomin

    Its so dumb people are blaming her... its not her problem he had an addiction. The internet is so toxic, its sickening. I can't imagine being blamed for someones death.
  4. Paranomin


    Only thing I dont like about it is the chorus.... that deep voice
  5. Paranomin


    Its a great album, BUT I want a whole new album
  6. Really hope she reinvented her sound and it dosent sound the same as everything else shes done before
  7. She went back into the studio to record more songs when it was first pushed back. I have a feeling they are revamping the era and can def see an album title change along with the album cover
  8. Paranomin


    Spotify is runned/owned by certain labels. Plus her team would have to pay spotify for more promo...
  9. Paranomin


    David Guetta has been making great music lately. it seems like everything he produces dosen't stick with the public ... not sure why
  10. LOVING the 90s vibe Calvin is doing. Not overly a fan of Sam Smith. But I love this track
  11. I thought the same thing. I thought I read somewhere that is her next single?
  12. Paranomin

    Music Video

    Thats cause the word God is meant to be spelt with a capital...... lol
  13. Paranomin


    How much did 1989 sell?
  14. i think she said its her favorite from the album. Grandma can have a little fun! I just hop its a BOP!
  15. i just read some of the lyrics that are suppose to be in the song... it sounds pretty dirty hah