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  1. I think they all will be great. But if I had to pick one, I def think Jade would be world wide. That girl is just wow
  2. I try to think of it how quickly time with covid. Before you know it time will fly by! Did you see the final show? I missed it!
  3. I’m curious how well this album will do since it sounds so similar. For me I thought of an artist constantly dosent grow sound wise they usually tend not to do as well cause people get sick of the sound 🤔
  4. Yeah. It’s super safe and generic. Wish she would change her sound more. I find thank u next, sweetner and positions all sound the same
  5. I actually don’t like it. I didn’t finish it. Very boring and sounds the same as her other stuff. I like motive tho
  6. I loved witness. I think it’s weak single choices was a reason for the flop. I think its one of her best albums and most genuine works
  7. Just listened. Not sure how I feel about it. I like all the singles she released. But I don’t know the direction sound wise she was going for. It’s a pretty generic pop album. Nothing special. Was hoping for a bit more. I don’t like the album but I like it at the same time. Felt like I heard everything before. I feel like Katy turned into Katy Perry in her career and became a character. Now she is Katy Hudson but I feel like she’s lost in finding the balance/sound between herself and Katy Perry. I really love the girl tho. Gonna give this a few more listens tho.
  8. I really wish I could get into it. This style of music isn’t my style at all. I couldn’t finish the album. Gonna try again tomorrow 😔
  9. Only issue about the album cover is the font smile. I wish it was just her and maybe smile on the top right or something. That cover redesign is amazing. I think she should change it
  10. Legit love every track so far. Love the sound
  11. The album will be in our hands soon! Common tomorrow midnight
  12. Is this worth listening? Im not overly a huge fan of country but I do like Kylie
  13. I need some bops mixed with her attitude !
  14. Why is this a hot topic... confused? Is this to discuss the album? Lol
  15.  Check out my video! :D

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  16. Ugh, it makes me SO SO mad when people drink and drive. Im glad no one else was involved in the crash with these two idiots.
  17. Rihanna coming with a surprise release!?!?!
  18. Stopped reading halfway. Pointless post tbh. For me, shes been in a bunch of places lately so its easily to forget where you are. I have a friend that is breaking into the industry and she said its crazy how you forget where you are