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  1. 13 minutes ago, Dan said:

    Absolutely agree. I think she just feels safe within this sound, which is fair since it does so well for her, but I'd love for her to take some risks at this point with her sound. She has such a strong voice and I'd love for her to experiment more. 

    I’m curious how well this album will do since it sounds so similar. For me I thought of an artist constantly dosent grow sound wise they usually tend not to do as well cause people get sick of the sound 🤔 

  2. On 8/20/2020 at 12:09 PM, BabyMario44 said:

    Levitating Remix SLAYED!!! I Want Physical Remix to SLAY too!!! YAAASSS!!! @ THE BLACKPINK COLLAB, LETS GO!!!!!!

    But I also wanted an Hallucinate remix ft. Kylie or a Break My Heart remix ft. Janet or even a Future Nostalgia remix ft. Britney on it! MISSED OPPORTUNITIES!

    The BlackPink collaboration was release while back 

  3. 12 minutes ago, Unapologetic Bitch said:

    Ummm album is bit disapointing jj4

    I will wait for hq version to honestly judge it, but so far i have like maybe 3 songs that caught my attention: cry about it later, teary eyes, and from already released songs harleys is okay, but outside that i dunno. Lyrically its not good, production and music is kinda basic ohno1

    Im in minority that thinks witness was actually really good, it had great production and really good tracks, its pity it was hated so much, cos she was on right path to some great future projects and all that hate pushed her back into this basic generic mess mad12

    Oh i forgot tucked is not bad too. 

    I loved witness. I think it’s weak single choices was a reason for the flop. I think its one of her best albums and most genuine works 

  4. Just listened. Not sure how I feel about it. I like all the singles she released. But I don’t know the direction sound wise she was going for. It’s a pretty generic pop album. Nothing special. Was hoping for a bit more. I don’t like the album but I like it at the same time. Felt like I heard everything before. I feel like Katy turned into Katy Perry in her career and became a character. Now she is Katy Hudson but I feel like she’s lost in finding the balance/sound between herself and Katy Perry. I really love the girl tho. Gonna give this a few more listens tho. 

  5. 10 hours ago, plutoniano said:

    On first listen:

    Prism=Smile>Witness>One of the Boys>Teenage Dream

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    I'm over the trend of songs getting shorter and shorter. NRO is the longest track on the main album and its not even 4 minutes long jj4

    That said, the album is more accesible than Witness and overall has less filler than Prism. I do feel like it lacks connective tissue or a common thread amongst the tracks. Not to mention the inconsistency on aesthetics for the campaign. I know Katy's personality is all these things (fun, sexy, vulnerable, funny, mature, silly) but it's hard to keep track sometimes.  Still a pleasant listening experience tho and I didn't feel like skipping songs at all.


    -Weaker track(s): What Makes A Woman, High On Your Supply rip1



  6. On 8/2/2020 at 2:43 PM, Ruthless Love said:

    Unfortunately, I don't see that happening. For many, being a money factory is what they're about, unfortunately. If only artists could appreciate the music and allow their fans to do the same.

    Sadly it’s record labels controlling these not so big artists. Gotta be in the industry for awhile and build your name up and then you can do what you want 😔 

  7. 2 minutes ago, Vaccinate ha! said:

    Agreed, that transition was epic


    Does anyone else think Babylon kinda sounds like Amen Fashion + Black Jesus at times? 

    Yeah. I totally got that vibe. Be interesting to mash them up!

  8. 3 minutes ago, YannG said:

    I am too. Grew up with that hahah. I need a full 3rd listen. That being said, I am blown by Sine From Above.... this is one of the best song this year for me. I did not expect that mindblowing piece truly. 

    I legit forgot Elton John was on the track. Soon as the voice came on I was like who’s dis? And realized who it was. The transition from chromatica II into 911 is one of my all time favorites for a gaga album ever