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  1. Filming a music video Gettin ready for that January Promo
  2. Proof of this? This kinda makes me sad cause I watched them on X Factor and loved them up until this past year. Everything feels off with them.
  3. The reason why he looks like that because he has VERY little body fat on his body when he played the role on baywatch. As you may have noticed he is ripped and also has very little water weight. He didnt get work done, its from his strict diet.
  4. Like the guy but he doesn't do much for me. He looks like a baby still. Bet you when he is 25 he will be such a hunk
  5. He need some to take time off from everything. Although he handled this situation really well
  6. How in the fuck is IG hell...? Im so over Justin Bieber and being whiny. Its a site that you share PHOTOS ON! Selena Gomez said one thing to you and you got all childish and deleted it.
  7. I hope Justin counter sues his ass. What right does he think he has bu going up to Justin Bieber and start touching his face and whatnot? IDIOt.
  8. Disagree, she seemed exhausted and out of breathe when she was performing.
  9. I seen his tour. Thankfully I won the tickets. His show was extremely bare and basic. The whole concert I couldn't even see him. Pretty much him on a hovering platform with a single light on him. That's pretty much the whole concert.
  10. Anyone have any good slumber party remixes?!?
  11. This is one of the best single choices for Britney in awhile love it! I was laughing cause they used the Tinashe version.. i thought it was by mistake untill I seen the visuals in the background
  12. Now ladies and gents this is an example of when you use to much photoshop... I had a rant about this cover on Instagram earlier.
  13. I actually like the remix. Although its kinda pointless and not needed remix. If anything it should of been someone more relevant on the radio. I think Zara Larson would have been a smarter move