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  1. Hope it dosent flop. I hope it dosent flop. Sorry I forgot to put that in the original post. I didnt say it sounded like diplo...? I meant I hope it dosent flop cause the radio needs something fresh.
  2. Hard to tell. I hope it does. The radio needs a new fresh sound. Tired of all this diplo jungle sounding music on the radio.
  3. Do they not listen to the radio at all or go on social media? Not sure how they didn't know she had a new album out
  4. But yet she is the one "dancing" to his song. If anything she comes across shady and kinda childish the way she is in this video... Just odd to me she is singing to this song
  5. WHY are people still talking about this? Its so annnoyyyinggg. Move on please Im waiting for her second video
  6. I actually dont like the key change. It comes off awkward and unexpected (not in the best way). It kinda sounds like the whole medley and her vocals are off with the key change. I also think the ending is very lazy. They could of done more with the song. But I still enjoy it lol
  7. Its hard to say, Im gonna say a hit. Gaga kinda reinvented herself and stripped everything and I think people will be able to connect with this song more and her now. Especially when the video comes out people will probably be talking more about it. Its such a different sound then whats on the radio now. I think it will be refreshing if it gained popularity on the radio. Thinking Gaga will also gain an older audience with this song.
  8. My first listen was in my car after I bought it on iTunes right after I worked out. I was thinking what the fuck is this? I was unsure on what I heard and how I felt about it. Hour after I was showing a friend and I started liking it Third listen I was loving the rawness of Gaga's voice and love the different sound and direction. Reminds me of 80s rock pop. Fourth listen. I like it. Im gonna guess as I listen to it more I will like it more and more. Im excited for the video
  9. none of the threads will load.....

  10. Luv Me Down or Do You Wanna Come Over I think Luv me Down would be more successful! Also Slumber Party
  11. Someone repost the snippet? Cant find it anywhere
  12. I found cool for the summer was more promoted and talked about before it was released. I probably wouldn't have known about body say if I wasn't on this fourm. It was more of a low key release with zero promo. Demi also did interviews before the album release and while cool for the summer was climbing the charts.
  14. At least she is performing and enjoying herself. I think she did well, just the choreography doesn't work for the song. And the crowd is so boring... they are just standing there.
  15. I actually like how she didn't have a ton of dancers. It takes confidence to go out all by yourself. And even with just two background dancers
  16. So no one is really talking about Rihanna's amazing vocals last night! I can't link videos cause I'm on my phone at work. But thoughts? She he slayed her performances. Loved the opening and especially her performing stay, diamonds and love on the brain. It's so crazy how her vocals improved the last year. So lucky I got to see her on the anti tour