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  1. my only complaint she should have performed do you want to come over as well
  2. I didnt really hear to much hype. Commercial was great. AND she did try something new she hadn't done before. For one the opening, and two singing someone elses song lol.
  3. This is amazing, wish I really liked her lemonade album
  4. Dont know what some of you are talking about. I loved that performance, also the mash up between her song and his was brilliant! She looked so alive and into the performance and you can clearly tell she is having fun
  5. PLEASE let that NOT be her hair/make up for the VMAs................... I love you Britney but common
  6. Really? I find typically songs that I dont like in the beginning sometimes grow on me and i end up loving them even more
  7. I would of loved if Britney done her own version of this! Im so glad she got love me down tho. Its my jam!
  8. Some of us had glory for a weekish now. What songs do you not like so much as you thought you would? Like in the beginning I liked Just Luv Me alot and Private show. Also what is a song that you didn't like so much at first but you love now. For me it would be Slumber Party and Love Me Down!
  9. This girl needs to be apart of Britneys team full time
  10. I was thinking this and was quite surprised how much her voice sounded like baby one more time
  11. okay. She NEVER sings and your complaining that she barely sang? She sang quite a bit you should be damn happy she sang the amount she did. Have you ever thought you would actually hear her sing live again like this? Probably not
  12. ENJOY! I have never thought Britney would ever do this, nor actually sing! SO GOOD
  13. so take out baby one more time since everyone is saying that. Now which album is her worst?
  14. the beginning of black widow sounds so much like Britney.....
  15. I think her voice is edited a bit and filtered. And thats why she never sings live
  16. SO what do you think britneys worst album is? NOT counting Britney Jean. Curious on what people say!
  17. His tweet is so unprofessional... way to make yourself look like a joke
  18. OR win her outfit?!? I obviously would meet her over winning her outfit