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  1. I’m a huge sucker for 90s dance. I absolutely love this album. Some songs are okay. But after listening to it the 3rd listen now I’m really enjoying everything. Especially the chromatica transitions
  2. I legit tried to wait and couldn’t wait. With sour candy being out. I didn’t wanna listen to it by itself. I wanted to listen in chronological order
  3. Lol sounds like you Don’t like the album at all
  4. I love 911. Especially that transforms from chromatica II into it
  5. Rain on me. i enjoy sour candy but very disappointed at how short it is. Definitely needed to be longer and something added to it
  6. Am I the only one that is disappointed? I feel like with all the girls the song should of easily been over 3:30. As I was getting into it the song stopped. And I wanted more with all of them singing. 😔 i still enjoy the song tho
  7. New production is so much better !
  8. Why is it released in New Zealand
  9. It happens a lot. People upload photos of the social and people assume it will leak right away. I don’t think this album will leak. It so I will guess Thursday
  10. Just cause someone has the album doesn’t mean it will leak y’all lol
  11. I remember the old days when Gaga would release new albums and visiting here. Seems like no one is around anymore 😔
  12. I love this album. I think it may be my favorite.
  13. I don’t see this leaking. I dunno what I would do. I will probably wait
  14. I’m actually glad it wasn’t the lead. They saved it as second single cause it would get more attention which will help boost people wanting to listen to the album.
  15. Loved this video. I’m here for full on dancing gaga videos. Can’t imagine the tour 😭
  16. Legit love every track so far. Love the sound
  17. Her show is so refreshing! I have a feeling Ellen is gonna probably retire her show in the next few years. Kelly will most likely take that place!
  18. Hmmmm... something feels off. I feel like this album is rushed for some reason. Especially since she released four songs from it before it was even fully finished. I really hope it’s good! But I dunno i didn’t realize she announced a tour the same time. So there must of been some delays. She had all the tours booked before the album was finished
  19. Best is Style worst is bad blood. That remix wasn’t needed.
  20. I wouldn’t say anything if I was Ariana. If anything I would break ties with him ASAP. It shows his true character and what his real motives are. Then speak out when she isn’t under him, as much as we want her to speak out. I’m pretty sure it’s not the smartest move
  21. On the first listen. I really enjoyed the album. Way more then I thought and more then reputation. I really like the overall production on the album. It’s more minimal compared to reputation (which isn’t a bad thing). I also love the 80s synths on the tracks. This is definitely has 1989 elements but obviously different then that album. But it’s s good body of work overall. It’s pretty impressive this far in her career she can still make a quality album