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  1. Just now, YannG said:

    Altogether I do :-) piece by piece, there are some generic sounds.  But the album sounds cohesive with standouts. It’s a good pure pop album

    I’m a huge sucker for 90s dance. I absolutely love this album. Some songs are okay. But after listening to it the 3rd listen now I’m really enjoying everything. Especially the chromatica transitions 

  2. 12 minutes ago, CHANEL #1 said:

    Trying to decide if I want to actually find a link or just wait till tonight. I've heard enough snippets and with my one listen of Sour Candy I think I could wait till tonight.

    I legit tried to wait and couldn’t wait. With sour candy being out. I didn’t wanna listen to it by itself. I wanted to listen in chronological order 

  3. 8 minutes ago, YannG said:

    After 2 full listens, I was overall caught off guards from the non-stop dancing album it is, but here is the ranking:

    1. Sine from Above: 10/10. When I saw a duet with Elton i thought « meeeeh » ... but I was not expecting this at all and I love it... never thought I would put this one on top but here it is. The « lose myself tonight » vibe and their vocals together, mama mia! 

    2. Chromatica I/Alice: 10/10. What an intro.... love love love. You get the tone, you get the emotion, that’s the way to start a record. Too short though 


    3. Enigma: 9/10. I just think it’s the most accessible one on this album. It could have had a nice lead perspective. 

    4. Fun tonight: 8/10. I get the underwhelming feelings you all have, however the chorus (or pre-chorus) melody is very very very catchy to me.... and it has been playing in my head all day.


    5. Rain On Me: 8/10. banger, but quickly overshadowed in the full project.


    6. Plastic doll: 8/10. It’s catchy and not at the same time, but somehow it has one my best replay value as I can foresee.


    7. Babylon : 7/10. I like it and it’s overall nice but I need more time. Will climb up the ranking probably


    8. Free Woman: 7/10. Having heard the demo, I am not sure about the path she has taken with the final project.... I liked the last segment of the demo so much, the build up etc.... and here, well... it lacks that energy


    9. Stupid Love: 6/10. Easy song, catchy parts. 

    10. Replay: 6/10. Like Stupid Love. Catchy parts but oh well it sounds dated 


    11. 1000 Doves: 5/10. Forgot how it sounds like already


    12. Sour candy: 5/10. We have heard this way too many time already.... Swish, Swish and Truffle Butter but those at least had a decent length.


    13. 911: 4/10. Not much to say. It’s here and yeah....


    Lol sounds like you Don’t like the album at all 

  4. 3 minutes ago, Royalty said:

    Tell yourself that many times maybe people will believe it gag1 

    It happens a lot. People upload photos of the social and people assume it will leak right away. I don’t think this album will leak. It so I will guess Thursday 

  5. 10 hours ago, Mariah's 19 #1s said:

    Everything about this song is a fucking serve. Such a wasted opportunity that this masterpiece/video wasn't the lead single, but we'll forgive and forget.


    Scooter is waaaaay more likely to secure the #1 than Interscope is, so let's hope he pulls it out the bag like he did for Stuck with U

    I’m actually glad it wasn’t the lead. They saved it as second single cause it would get more attention which will help boost people wanting to listen to the album. 

  6. Hmmmm... something feels off.  I feel like this album is rushed for some reason. Especially since she released four songs from it before it was even fully finished. I really hope it’s good! But I dunno 


    i didn’t realize she announced a tour the same time. So there must of been some delays. She had all the tours booked before the album was finished 

  7. 2 hours ago, hector said:

    she shouldn’t, she doesn’t have anything to do with this and dragging not only Ariana but the rest of the artists Scooter has signed is really unnecessary. scooter’s the one who should say something, not them 

    I wouldn’t say anything if I was Ariana. If anything I would break ties with him ASAP. It shows his true character and what his real motives are. Then speak out when she isn’t under him, as much as we want her to speak out. I’m pretty sure it’s not the smartest move