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  1. omg how is into you!?!?! I refuse to watch any videos since Im seeing her in April
  2. I think she is really shy and gets extremely nervous so she sticks with singing. I think the same reason why she rarely does interviews and stuff
  3. Cant at people not doing research and look at all facts instead of reading a headline and listening to something and assuming
  4. This first happened over a year ago. The same clip, here is him saying what happened.
  5. I figured she wouldnt do ghostin I really hope she surprises us and does it.
  6. Love every song, cannot wait for her tour. Curious on the set list
  7. Is this worth listening? Im not overly a huge fan of country but I do like Kylie
  8. I need some bops mixed with her attitude !
  9. I felt like this after a few months it was out. We were kinda expecting a somewhat predictable pop album. I think what mislead us was the single releases, especially with Swish Siwsh. It kinda just set us up to think we were gonna get something that we didnt get. I like how different it is
  10. Excited, I became a fan of her from her last album
  11. Why is this a hot topic... confused? Is this to discuss the album? Lol