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  1. Why is this a hot topic... confused? Is this to discuss the album? Lol
  2.  Check out my video! :D

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  3. Ugh, it makes me SO SO mad when people drink and drive. Im glad no one else was involved in the crash with these two idiots.
  4. Rihanna coming with a surprise release!?!?!
  5. Stopped reading halfway. Pointless post tbh. For me, shes been in a bunch of places lately so its easily to forget where you are. I have a friend that is breaking into the industry and she said its crazy how you forget where you are
  6. The biggest issue I think Katy and her team didn't even know what Witness was suppose to be up until last month (hence why the late track listing). I have a feeling they changed some things around last minute. She did record 40 songs for it.
  7. I agree with this. But she seems to be doing well! Give it another few years and she will bounce back to herself
  8. I listened to the albums three times fully. I enjoy Witness, Power, and Miss you more. I find most of the album somewhat forgettable. Maybe it has to grow on me more. But I Really wanna like the album. I think 15 songs is to much tho
  9. Just started listening, I find parts of Witness (the song) mixing is a bit messy. There is this awkward weird sound in the background just before the chorus
  10. I love Little Mix. I find they have great chemistry and they legit love each other and have fun on stage. I find they are MUCH MUCH better live. With Fifth Harmony.. well It seems like they don't really enjoy being in the band and its kinda forced. Almost like they are just sticking it out and continue riding on there success and then everyone will end up going solo.
  11. Starts at 9:28 I dont get why Taylor fans are dragging Katy... Shes just being honest in the situation.
  12. Cant imagine what everyone is going through. Including her and her team. <3
  13. First listen i didn't like. Few more listens I enjoy it. Wish Sia's vocals weren't over powering hers through the chorus. They pretty much listened to the Sia demo and probably told Camila "Okay, you need to mimic this voice"
  14. One of the best album cover I've seen in a long time!
  15. There all so different from each other... can't really compare. I like em all. Listen to whatever song depending on the mood I'm in
  16. I need to hear it in full, i previewed it on iTunes. Its cute, i expected more.