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  1. 9 hours ago, Mariah Elusive Carey said:

    I think the relapse in 2010 really effected her on the long run. She was heavily medicated from Summer 2010 to January 2014 but even now that her doctors reduced her medication it seems like she's just so over her career. Vegas and Asia are just checks to save up for when she retires in a few years. I love Britney I really do but it saddens me to see her legacy being tarnished like this. Brocolli Juice was embarrassing and Glory was a great album but overall ended up doing Mandy Moore/Jessica Simpson/Hilary Duff numbers. The General Public don't even know Glory exists. They think Britney's last single was Work Bitch. She's clearly not interested in investing in her career anymore. We can blame Larry Rudolph all we want but realistically Britney is just performing for paychecks and a contract is involved. I think she should retire because I feel like once she retires she will be happier and more comfortable with life. I think she should go out with a bang on her next and last album since it will be her 10th album and it will be the 20th anniversary of when her career started. The next album should be her last album and it should be very personal, beautiful, powerful and perhaps she could do a Farewell Tour worldwide. 

    Stopped reading halfway.


    Pointless post tbh.


    For me, shes been in a bunch of places lately so its easily to forget where you are. I have a friend that is breaking into the industry and she said its crazy how you forget where you are

  2. I love Little Mix. I find they have great chemistry and they legit love each other and have fun on stage. I find they are MUCH MUCH better live.


    With Fifth Harmony.. well It seems like they don't really enjoy being in the band and its kinda forced. Almost like they are just sticking it out and continue riding on there success and then everyone will end up going solo.

  3. 13 hours ago, Kaulitz. said:

    Can't wait to see the whole carpool video. :D 


    14 hours ago, ParentalAdvisory said:

    wait CK leaked?


    15 hours ago, AGNTEA said:

    The video was up for a few minutes on James YouTube Channel, but got removed. Maybe because of the tragic events at Arianas Concert :( 





    Starts at 9:28



    I dont get why Taylor fans are dragging Katy...


    Shes just being honest in the situation.