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  1. Starts at 9:28 I dont get why Taylor fans are dragging Katy... Shes just being honest in the situation.
  2. Cant imagine what everyone is going through. Including her and her team. <3
  3. First listen i didn't like. Few more listens I enjoy it. Wish Sia's vocals weren't over powering hers through the chorus. They pretty much listened to the Sia demo and probably told Camila "Okay, you need to mimic this voice"
  4. One of the best album cover I've seen in a long time!
  5. There all so different from each other... can't really compare. I like em all. Listen to whatever song depending on the mood I'm in
  6. I need to hear it in full, i previewed it on iTunes. Its cute, i expected more.
  7. Yeah its kinda bizarre she is only doing two shows which are in BC and Toronto... thinking she will announce more dates!
  8. UGhhh she isn't coming where I live which is extremely strange, she came here last time plus EVERYONE COMES HEREEEEEEE
  9. Im thinking they thought BA would of been a big hit so they released it before Witness.
  10. Easily, they plan to release it a certain date but don't release that date to the public yet. Things happen behind the scenes so they push it back?
  11. Zara Larsson Was sooo disappointed with her album. LOVED Ain't My fault. Alot of the tracks on the album sound dated when it was released
  12. What the heck is going on with the pop charts recently. Sooooo strange
  13. I think this is BS. BUT i do think she is possibly back in the studio changing things and the album is probably pushed back
  14. It confuses me and scares me on how this is happening in 2017....
  15. California Gurls / Teenage Dream I LOVE LOVE LOVE Teenage Dream, its one of my favorite songs and California Gurls was a great summer bop
  16. Sadly were in a world that likes to blow things up for views and to get people talking. So whenever the media can catch onto something like this they tend to run with out
  17. Yeahhhh, its like there unsure what look she needs to go for this era. I really liked her blonde wig
  18. I agree with this review, I wish the build up didn't take so long. The first Chorus is lacking