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  1. 15 minutes ago, VoiceOfTheQueen said:

    the fact that she has been hinting Witness before and during BA makes me think she was forced into BA.

    Im thinking they thought BA would of been a big hit so they released it before Witness.

  2. 10 minutes ago, RandomosiTAY said:

    yeah I don't think she meant it in any bad sort of way.. but unfortunately the media is taking the narrative.. these are the headlines on Google News about her.  Not a good direction 


    Katy Perry Faces Criticism for Comparing Her Black Hair to Barack ...

    E! Online-39 minutes ago
    Katy Perry came under fire after likening her recent makeover to former President Barack Obama leaving the White House. The pop star took to ...

    Sadly were in a world that likes to blow things up for views and to get people talking. So whenever the media can catch onto something like this they tend to run with out

  3. 1 minute ago, Liz Lemon said:

    This is all totally valid. Some people are trying to say that Katy's acting erratic and having weird behavior and doing things she doesn't normally do, but I've just taken it as her as finally doing whatever tf she wants. It's no secret her label was probably pushing her to recreate the success of Teenage Dream with PRISM, because of course anyone would want to recreate that kind of success.


    Katy's serving up some subtly weirder imagery and bucking radio trends (like tropical house) and delivering something unique. As a long time Katy Cat, I appreciate the change and was expecting it. She's said all along she was going to reinvent herself a bit, and this is just part of it.

    I like the Katy I see now. Seems like she has a careless attitude (in a good way). And she is truly happy with her current work.