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  1. Nevermind, I thought The Sims 3 came out last year for some reason lmao... but it came out 2009. So probably 2012 Did the Unleashed trailer leak or something? Kinda odd for them to release it this early haha! Or do they always do that? And I like how they have other animals besides dogs and cats
  2. Day after my birthday What a nice gift!
  3. You can torrent them, but there a pain in the ass trying to get to work.
  4. I remember all the things she said and not going to stop us
  5. I'd say the sims 4 won't be out till 2013 There are suppose to be 10 expansions all together I really can't imagine what The Sims 4 will be like... not much more they can do! Haha
  6. Well maybe if you watch the 30 sec clip it shows the world is ending... I don't mean to sound saucy lol
  7. OH MY GOD! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS! It looks perfect! I hate how Britneys videos looks like a total different Britney, and her dancing is better. She looks more into it, on stage she looks kinda lost...
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4czxCAySVPg OMG im so behind I didn't realize this was out :o Edit: So disappointing, they could off added a much better expansion pack then this... and bring something totally new to the table arg!
  9. I hope they release more with the pet expansion then just the pet add-ons. It would be kinda cool to have a farm expansion! Like you can build a farm outside the city and have horses and stuff! Omg I totally should work for EA Games haha
  10. I had this problem, so I deleted it and downloaded Firefox 4. Its pretty much exactly the same thing but better. Delete Chrome
  11. i just deleted Google Chrome... it kept erroring 10000000 times!
  12. I hate CKB, but she can sing that song amazing live. Also gurl needs to get her hair back. Not feeling the short hair again
  13. I kinda wanna make a Rihanna megamix...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  14. Thats the next one I plan on buying is the late night, it looks SO good! I want a pad in the city Yeah there all like that. I find I usually get bored of it then a new expansion comes out and I love it all over again.
  15. I don't find The Sims 3 Ambitions buggy (yet). They have downloads to fix that tho I remember when I was a kid, when The Sims first came out I was so amazed haha. Bugged my mom to buy them for me, then she finally bought them on my birthday!
  16. Same, that part took me the longest, I didn't know how it should transition haha
  17. Hehe thanks! I wish I didn't delete the video arg!
  18. Soooooo, I made a video along with this track and accidently deleted it.... I was so pissed that I don't want to make another one right now. The idea I had was to show Rihannas Rated R era in the beginning then leading into LOUD/GGGB era. So if any of you wanna edit a video along with this track you can. Just let me know and I will send it to you the mp3. ALSO let me know how you like the track. Its hard coming up with something new that works haha Check it out here http://soundcloud.com/paranomia/rihanna-promo-fotp-mix
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfVUMOWPzjk For those of you that haven't seen it or may wanna watch it again (Feel free to rep)
  20. I don't think they would be 3D, but who knows haha
  21. Pretty sure you will love 3, you can do so much its crazy! Like i'm a detective now and I can break into peoples houses and everything haha! And I heard The Sims Medieval is shit, i was going to get it but apparently its more of a role playing game. You can't customize anything alot and its more based on quests