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  1. I don't find The Sims 3 Ambitions buggy (yet). They have downloads to fix that tho I remember when I was a kid, when The Sims first came out I was so amazed haha. Bugged my mom to buy them for me, then she finally bought them on my birthday!
  2. Same, that part took me the longest, I didn't know how it should transition haha
  3. Hehe thanks! I wish I didn't delete the video arg!
  4. Soooooo, I made a video along with this track and accidently deleted it.... I was so pissed that I don't want to make another one right now. The idea I had was to show Rihannas Rated R era in the beginning then leading into LOUD/GGGB era. So if any of you wanna edit a video along with this track you can. Just let me know and I will send it to you the mp3. ALSO let me know how you like the track. Its hard coming up with something new that works haha Check it out here http://soundcloud.com/paranomia/rihanna-promo-fotp-mix
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfVUMOWPzjk For those of you that haven't seen it or may wanna watch it again (Feel free to rep)
  6. I don't think they would be 3D, but who knows haha
  7. Pretty sure you will love 3, you can do so much its crazy! Like i'm a detective now and I can break into peoples houses and everything haha! And I heard The Sims Medieval is shit, i was going to get it but apparently its more of a role playing game. You can't customize anything alot and its more based on quests
  8. So lets talk The Sims! No not there language, about the game. What is your favourite Sims game and why? I sold The Sims 3 last year which I regret doing, I recently went out and bought The Sims 3 deluxe pack and I LOVE IT! I'm going to buy all the other expansions eventually.
  9. I love Chrome, but every now and then I get a runtime error... tried fixing it