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  1. Honestly both aren't really comparable, they are so different from each other. Depending on what mood your in you listen to either or. Lyrically Joanne to me stands better but I enjoy both albums!
  2. Officer was probably pissed that he ignored him the night before on the app
  3. Pretttty sure thats a spill. For one he is holding a drink so he may have spilled some on his pants. For two he is in public, pretty sure he wouldnt go in public if he pissed his pants...
  4. Super cool. Always wonder what these planets look like compared to ours and if there are "humans" there and how far are they advanced
  5. This! They didn't force her, BUT maybe then she was fine with being in the group while on X Factor. Then as time went on and they started being successful as a girl group she probably realized maybe this isn't for her. And for her saying no to being put in the group and then leaving the show to "try it on her own" dosen't make much sense considering she was a nobody at that point? But sometimes we have to sacrifice somethings before moving on. She now has her foot in the door and has a name for herself. People grow and change.
  6. I like it BUT It sounds the same as everything else on the radio
  7. Real job..? You know he is a millionaire right? One of the highest earning youtubers!
  8. I liked it, at the beginning i felt she was struggling to get into it. Vocals were a bit off, but it picked up and was super cool! Makes me excited for this album/tour!
  9. Are you kidding..? Im not watching the grammys but I honestly dislike the chainsmokers. All there stuff sounds the exact same... and it makes me kinda pissed that they are winning grammys on recycling everything that sounds the same on the radio right now
  10. Its funny cause i went on google images and looked at his art. He has some amazing artwork.. and she goes with a basic sketch with tacky font and a border
  11. Wasnt Teenage Dream the biggest hit?
  12. Guess you judge from movie trailers as well if a movie is good or not
  13. Whatever happened with A-YO? I thought that was a single
  14. Cant really judge a song that isn't even out yet
  15. Are all the pre sale codes on the site the same?
  16. Pretty much 4 years since she debuted roar!?!?! WHATT where does time go
  17. Pretty sure they will get the same clip