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  1. LOL! Does this girl cry all the time
  2. SOOoo epic! I wish i didnt know this spoiler would of been epic
  3. YES! Edmonton is her second show. I WILL BE GOING TO THAT !!
  4. If anyone can share a code that would be awesome! ALSO how do would you get LiveNation presale ode? Do you have to sign up on the site?
  5. Yeah i wish she would have done Perfect Illusion or A-YO!
  6. Im glad she didn't make it political. Its so exhausting with the news being focuses on the politics 24/7. It was nice for us to kinda forget about how shitty America is right now for those 13 minutes that Gaga performed. it was a nice distraction!
  7. Would be to much if she performed like a min and a little bit of each song
  8. What time is she supppose to go on stage How would she perform 11 songs in 13 mins
  9. Love hearing her speak. Although GURL Y U ON DA FLOOOR?
  10. Selena Gomez.. she released greatest hits few years ago. I bought it but it was strange for her to have one....
  11. There albums are pretty good. I like there first and Doll Domination 2.0
  12. I love Aint My Fault. Loved the direction she was going. Then she released So Good... that actually isn't THAT good.. nothing special about the song.
  13. So apparently there was an album that was suppose to be titled Dark Angels. Which was suppose to be released after Good Girl Gone Bad. Then we got Rated R. Assuming the music direction changed after the Chris Brown incident. Anyone know anything about this album or what songs were rumored to be on it?
  14. Well if your not gonna submit your album to win best album of the year. Well.. you won't win at all. Negative attitude there Frank. Submit it, the worst can happen is not win. But who knows you could of walked away with a grammy. I dont like the grammys anyway
  15. Honestly season 2 is the worst season. Didn't like the focus on the brother and the drugs. Season 3 is super good and im on season 4 now
  16. Makes me extremely sad just because when you can't find an album or movie you can always find it there
  17. Why in the hell does Trump need to comment when someone dosen't like him or calls him out? Grow up, in life EVERYONE isn't going to like you especially with how you are. Just sit down and ignore the comments your making yourself look more like an idiot
  18. I hope we get some more bops from Rihanna in the future
  19. Its always interesting how artists usually record so many songs for albums and then only pick so many and then they just sit there locked up on a computer with no one to hear them