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  1. Its always interesting how artists usually record so many songs for albums and then only pick so many and then they just sit there locked up on a computer with no one to hear them
  2. Yassssss! Your only listening to it now?!?!?!
  3. Thats you opinion. We can agree to disagree
  4. I dont believe this... if anything this can be apart of her super bowl performance. She will probably have different stages like Katy did
  5. Reasoning why? Because of the tabloids trying to make something out of nothing? What wrong decisions does she keep making?
  6. I feel bad for her. But for her own well being she just needs to shut out from the internet. Internet is an evil place and people are assholes.
  7. I think shes under rated. I love her music but I find her albums have a few good songs on it and then the rest is filled with fillers (that I usually enjoy). Stars is my Jam from Confident!
  8. I'm extremely confused on why MMA fighters are getting mad... MMA isn't art? Do they not know what art is? Lol. MMA is a sport.
  9. He seems pretty normal and something Britney needs
  10. Surprised it sold that much. Its great tho, its honestly a great album
  11. The character still isnt Koda Kumi. Its just a voice actor/artist. Yuna isn't a real person, she was created for the game. Your not getting my point..
  12. Is Yuna a real life person/pop star? No lol
  13. P.S. If you read correctly I said bringing a pop star artist INTO your game
  14. Its not about being a pop star its about being a real life pop star. I actually played X-2. its about creating characters for the game
  15. Why make excuses? Makin yourself look silly. Just say shit happens. its live TV and sadly things werent working out as planned. That happens with technology now adays
  16. Sorry this is terrible news. Stupid move on Final Fantasys part. Been a huge fan of the franchise. Why in the hell are you BRINGING A POP ARTIST INTO YOUR GAME!?!? Ughhh.
  17. Selena and Taylor for sure. Not sure about Ariana. I expect first single from Katy to drop in March or April and album release being in June along with a tour starting mid or end summer