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  1. Haruka


  2. Haruka

    Madonna is the Queen of Pop end of story
  3. Haruka

    Rebel Heart
  4. Haruka

    Taylor Swift
  5. Haruka

    Chicken anyone? still like her music really dont like her Tila Tequila ass personality
  6. Haruka

  7. Haruka

    Maybe? Nah She was just bloated from tacobell
  8. Haruka

    Wtf is a Zac Brown Band Stay salty straight guys bitching on the internet about pop girls performing the half time show. Only male performers for our game of throwing balls and plowing into each other.
  9. Haruka

    Gaga wins for me BTW is my fave. I do love Stripped,Bionic and Burlesque soundtrack from Xtina they def beat Artpop and Cheek to Cheek
  10. Haruka

    Taylor and Ariana are tied for that spot can't stand their music
  11. Haruka

    Can't Get You Outta My Head