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  1. Kylie Minogue - Marry the Night Years & Years - The Edge of Glory Orville Peck - Born This Way (The Country Road Version) Big Freedia - Judas Ben Platt - Yoü And I The Highwomen - Highway Unicorn (Road to Love) I really hate the Highway Unicorn listened once and never again
  2. It was amazing her vocals sounded so good and she was just casually rubbing elbows with the Obama's and Clinton's
  3. I talked to customer service about it they said she is behind signing the items and assured me I will get my items. It's bullshit they were pretty limited and sold quickly its been since May she hasn't been doing much but makeup bs. Like I said I get a poster with a L on it shes gonna get called out.
  4. That shits just lazy this album had potential more singles and a few more videos. She wants to be a actress and savior hoe but don't bite the hand that fed you. I still have not received my signed poster or album insert that I paid for last may and if I get just a fucking dot or a L after all this time the bitch will be called out.
  5. They can ship it to you as well I think it's like 4.00
  6. Thanks they only costed 3.49 each too was amazed at the quality for a drug store lol. I need to to this for a few of my other Vinyls that have this clear case.
  7. I was tired of my Chromatica vinyls not having a cover in that clear plastic so I printed at Walgreens two 12 x 12 designer matte fan art covers its much better now.
  8. Thanks its been a awhile I lurk from time to time
  9. 1. Edge of Glory 2. I'll never love again 3. Applause 4. Babylon 5.Teeth 6.Summerboy 7.Angel Down
  10. This album is Flawless def up there as one of my favorite Kylie albums. Amazon needs to hurry the fuck up and deliver my damn Disco vinyl.
  11. One of The Boys Smile Teenage Dream Witness Prism