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  1. Haruka


    Is that Alright? I'll never love again Always remember us this way
  2. I cried in the theater when she sang this song its beautiful.
  3. Haruka


    Fashion of his love Edge of glory Black Jesus amen fashion Venus Paparazzi Joanne No Floods Aura The Cure Dirty Icecream
  4. Haruka


    Fashion of his love and Black Jesus
  5. Haruka


    Add me
  6. Haruka

    Madonna is the Queen of Pop end of story
  7. Haruka

    Rebel Heart
  8. Haruka

    Taylor Swift
  9. Haruka

    The Edge of Glory
  10. Haruka

    The Fame Money Honey fucking hate that song The Fame Monster Speechless Born This Way Americano Artpop Jewels N Drugs Joanne Perfect Illusion it disrupts the flow of the album
  11. Live Band combined with her voice sounds better to me at concerts