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    Second highest female debut behind Katy and 3rd when Taylor drops lol
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    Nothing but respect for MY president
  3. Discussion

    Ok buy me one and I'll venmo you money wtf lmao
  4. Rainbow!
  5. Single

    I'm not a fan on first listen, gonna try it again with headphones later and see
  6. Album

    Honestly I love every song but the only two I am not all the way into yet, would be finding you and old flames 🔥
  7. Album

    I wanna sneak a listen but I don't have my laptop anymore so I can't listen until Friday when i buy it on iTunes
  8. Performance

    Someone buy me a ticket for the Boston show
  9. My fave doesn't have to stoop to rap features for a hit
  10. Album

    Are they listenable on mobile
  11. Album

    I couldn't get on it, it said not accepting new members
  12. I'm so excited I can't wait for this
  13. Performance

    I need to go
  14. Performance

    It's on live nations website but on vip nation they all have vip packages but none include the m&g, so I don't think she's doing one