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  1. Single

    I'm obsessed with a damn snippet
  2. Music Video

    I am honestly so excited like I'm shook
  3. Miss you king of fotp <3

    1. Nicole Richie

      Youre sweet omfg I miss you too

  4. Mina sako arigato, k-k-k-kawaii

    1. TattooedHeart

      Stan my guilty pleasure 

  5. I need Miley to re enter the top 10
  6. Lowkey not sure why this is even considered "news" this is like house of horror worthy omg
  7. I need new music to listen to!! Suggestions please

  8. Rated R by Rihanna is her best album

  9. I'd do anything to kill a bug so I can't say I'm innocent
  10. Hey Eddie, how ya been man?

  11. Photos

    i love him!!!! i hope they can make a hit
  12. So it's officially 4th harmony now right 

  13. Ashlee Simpson needs a comeback, i listen to her albums this weekend. They are masterpieces. cry7

  14. life is so crazy and bangs are going to the left