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  1. Nicole Richie


    I want an official praying deconstructed tbh and I wouldn’t mind hearing her do a spaceships deconstructed would be great
  2. I don’t see her career going anywhere anyway
  3. She’s literally the nicest person, she just recently sent me money to help me out, and she didn’t post about it or brag about it, y’all can be so hateful to people who don’t deserve it. Go after Jake Paul and Shit youtubers who don’t try to earn a living, she’s out here working everyday shooting her own music videos, funding her own albums like cmon
  4. I mean it’s Wendy do we expect a well thought out statement from her
  5. Nicole Richie


    Hope it’s a gay bop
  6. Nicole Richie

    General News

    It’s sad but it literally doesn’t surprise me anymore, this is Trumps America
  7. Nicole Richie

    Meh 41k
  8. Nicole Richie


    Yaaaaas two queens
  9. Nicole Richie


    Omg I was living for that
  10. WHo is gonna gift me reputation I need to hear this album

  11. Someone tell me Taylor has another “all too well” on this album before i go listen 

    1. SWINΞ

      Getaway Car is close enough and it’s great yas2 

    2. TattooedHeart

      no but it's still worth it!

  12. Nicole Richie

    Ur username triggered me
  13. Nicole Richie


    I need the hat and all the shirts omg
  14. Nicole Richie


    I’m not thrilled warrior got paid dust but I’m assumkng that was a hard time in her life so she’s avoiding it all together but that sucks it’s loke a top 5 favorite album for me