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  1. So.. what do we think Katy’s new album will do first week? 50k? 

  2. Can we all admit that if the SNL thing didn’t happen, Ashlee Simpson could’ve been even bigger than she was 

  3. True, I was beyond bias for the kesha section, I can admit that lmao
  4. Stream Tonight by Kesha and save your boring day

    1. Dan


      We stan Tonight yas2 

  5. I bought my Kesha ticket for her show in Boston! Anybody else going to the tour? Or to the stop in Boston? 

  6. Maybe porn will be a more welcoming field for him
  7. Thanks sis! Great work around here!
  8. Oh honey I haven’t had power to do anything of that nature in a few years @RihannaRTTMight be able to help
  9. Dead at heidi having a thread I used to live for her music years ago omg