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  1. So hopefully a single in the next two and a half weeks
  2. Nicole Richie


    Wait are these “snippets” just that background track we heard with her saying “I got my balls back”
  3. Nicole Richie

    I’m so happy for new music and activity In here!!
  4. Are you bitches conspiring against me 

  5. Nicole Richie


    Are we sure
  6. Doesn’t mean it’s a good song
  7. Important: stream “cuz I love you” by Lizzo aSAP!! This message brought to you by @Kyoteki and myself 

  8. Nicole Richie

    I don’t get the hype
  9. Nicole Richie


    Omg sooo excited I love lizzo
  10. So dumb tbh, not like she was racist or killed anybody
  11. I’m a fake fan 😢
  12. I love boots but I want spaceships live
  13. Nicole Richie


  14. Let’s just compare sales from now to sales almost 17-19 years ago cause that makes sense