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  1. Nicole Richie


    About time
  2. Nicole Richie


    Every song except old flames and here comes the change
  3. Why would Christina do that to herself can she handle another flop
  4. Halloween is overrated don’t @ me 

  5. Hi @Sylk and @Hylia can we start our own clique now 

    1. Hylia

      Here for it

    2. Chris Morlock

      the no 1 currs already exist tho kesha8 

    3. Sylk

      the destinys child of fotp!

  6. Nicole Richie


    Bummed! I was hoping it would
  7. Nicole Richie


    Clearly this is a charity type song I doubt it’ll be sent to Radio I hope I’m wrong though I want a smash for her I’m excited regardless of what it is
  8. Nicole Richie


    Lmao I’m no longer a staff member
  9. Nicole Richie


    Lmao I’m nicole Richie on there too I don’t post too often I just lurk tbh
  10. Nicole Richie


    I am! That’s why I got the idea in my head lmao I’m super excited either way
  11. Nicole Richie


    I’m excited but nervous it’ll end up being like a soundtrack song or something
  12. Nicole Richie

    Music Video

    Such a gooood song
  13. The Nun sucked!!

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    2. Nicole Richie

      @Dan @Ghostface IM SO EXCITED for Halloween

    3. Dan

      ME TOO, it's going to be so fucking good.

    4. Chris Morlock

      im READY for halloween! i think my friends may have something for me since they didnt come to my bday cry1 

  14. Why did Ashlee Simpson have to return to music with Evan Ross we didn’t ask for a duet album BYE

    1. Dan

      Exactly what I was thinking bey2 

      Excited for any new Ashlee music anyway, Boys is one of the best pop songs ever to be honest bey4 

    2. Nicole Richie

      @Dan ok true I’m gonna listen regardless but I miss the bops

  15. Nicole Richie

    105 mil maybe idk 199,999,999