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  1. So.. what do we think Katy’s new album will do first week? 50k? 

  2. Can we all admit that if the SNL thing didn’t happen, Ashlee Simpson could’ve been even bigger than she was 

  3. Stream Tonight by Kesha and save your boring day

    1. Dan


      We stan Tonight yas2 

  4. I bought my Kesha ticket for her show in Boston! Anybody else going to the tour? Or to the stop in Boston? 

  5. 1-855-keshasavs 

  6. So like is kesha gonna actually announce anything regarding a single  

  7. Are you bitches conspiring against me 

  8. Important: stream “cuz I love you” by Lizzo aSAP!! This message brought to you by @Kyoteki and myself 

  9. Halloween is overrated don’t @ me 

  10. Hi @Sylk and @Hylia can we start our own clique now 

    1. Hylia


      Here for it

    2. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      the no 1 currs already exist tho kesha8 

    3. Sylk


      the destinys child of fotp!

  11. The Nun sucked!!

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    2. Nicole Richie

      Nicole Richie

      @Dan @Ghostface IM SO EXCITED for Halloween

    3. Dan


      ME TOO, it's going to be so fucking good.

    4. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      im READY for halloween! i think my friends may have something for me since they didnt come to my bday cry1 

  12. Why did Ashlee Simpson have to return to music with Evan Ross we didn’t ask for a duet album BYE

    1. Dan


      Exactly what I was thinking bey2 

      Excited for any new Ashlee music anyway, Boys is one of the best pop songs ever to be honest bey4 

    2. Nicole Richie

      Nicole Richie

      @Dan ok true I’m gonna listen regardless but I miss the bops

    3. Dan
  13. Anyone watch younger with Hilary duff? Can we chat about that finale 

  14. Anybody else wanna marry garett watts 

    1. Quill


      What a MAN. cry6

    2. Nicole Richie
    3. Xgongiviguess


      Well as he so relentlessly keeps saying "ew" 

  15. Candyman is a bop why was I sleeping on it for all these years

  16. Why doesn’t Aaliyah have music on Apple Music who is holding out on us

    1. Kenya


      She only has one album on spotify

  17. So what do we think? Is Katy lying about dr luke? 

  18. Cardi just posted an Instagram story of her getting fingered... classy

    1. Hylia
    2. Dennis Reynolds

      Dennis Reynolds

      I watched some old videos of her stripping a while back. I saw her actual asshole that day.

  19. Is it acceptable to watch the princess diaries while day drinking at 1pm

    1. Philip


      no but go off sis 

    2. Onika


      Yes what do you think I'm doing rn

    3. Nicole Richie
  20. WHo is gonna gift me reputation I need to hear this album

  21. Someone tell me Taylor has another “all too well” on this album before i go listen 

    1. SWINΞ


      Getaway Car is close enough and it’s great yas2 

    2. TattooedHeart


      no but it's still worth it!

  22. Hi everybody , stream Rainbow by Kesha

  23. Mina sako arigato, k-k-k-kawaii

    1. TattooedHeart


      Stan my guilty pleasure 

  24. I need new music to listen to!! Suggestions please

  25. Rated R by Rihanna is her best album