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  1. Rico


    this song is literally timeless. still sounds fresh af 13 years later
  2. Rico

    Any reason why this is pinned when it hasn’t been updated in 6 years?
  3. Rico


    rihanna flop
  4. Rico


    This needed to be a hit along with Ruin My Life, Don’t Worry Bout Me, Wow, and All The Time
  5. Rico


  6. Rico


    whew a throwback
  7. i love this album
  8. Rico


    Is this what stanning Rihanna has come to?
  9. Rico here

    Hi 👋  

  10. Damn your still here making Xtina threads in 2019? Feels like Your Body era all over again 😂
  11. this was literally my reaction 😩. RIP
  12. Rico

    Agugaga? i haven’t heard that name in YEARS
  13. Rico


    that’s the worst song on there I- Take off the feature and the song goes from a 3 to a 8 tbh
  14. she has horrible taste in her own songs tbh. LMLY, TLIC, and Make Up over Touch It, GWS, and IMH??? (that she put as a fucking INTERLUDE)
  15. yes gaga’s vocals sounded more powerful, different instrumental and the second chorus was AMAZING