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  1. I want a mix of both, but no pop songs like Loud/EDM. Give me experimental bops like Lost in Paradise & Love on the Brain. I think a funk era would be cool like Calvin Harris' album.
  2. Discussion

    I'm subscribed to you on YouTube so ill get the video when you drop the teaser
  3. Discussion

    Touch It, Thinking Bout You and Nicki remix of Be Alright. I think you also did Focus with samples of Problem too?
  4. The fact that Vanessa Hudgens never released the video version of Say Ok is a atrocity I’ve been listening to a video rip since forever
  5. Discussion

    I need a new Ariana album, I whorred out Dangerous Woman Still bops as much as it did when it first came out I even been listening to @Luca.‘s edits too
  6. Discussion

    We should’ve got a section tbh. Are we the new J.Lo + Pitbull?
  7. Follow me on twitter guys @ricanaire free promo whoop whoop
  8. Discussion

    Is this a Nicki base too now?
  9. We don’t want JT we want Rihanna or Pink or Kanye
  10. As far as Wild at Heart I unfortunately didn’t keep a copy of it, but your free to make your own
  11. Graphic wise I was on fire whew
  12. Same Be Alright feat Nicki >>>>> and the Sometimes and Thinkin Bout You versions >>>>>> life.
  13. I’m honestly shocked. It’s not in my power to dictate if she’s ready for a child at her age or not because I don’t know her, but