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  1. am i a zara larsson stan now? 

  2. Any reason why this is pinned when it hasn’t been updated in 6 years?
  3. Hi 👋  

  4. I'm subscribed to you on YouTube so ill get the video when you drop the teaser
  5. Touch It, Thinking Bout You and Nicki remix of Be Alright. I think you also did Focus with samples of Problem too?
  6. I need a new Ariana album, I whorred out Dangerous Woman Still bops as much as it did when it first came out I even been listening to @Luca.‘s edits too
  7. We should’ve got a section tbh. Are we the new J.Lo + Pitbull?
  8. Is this a Nicki base too now?
  9. Ugh why the fuck are they remaking Sun and Moon tho when I JUST bought Moon