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  1. Lbr all the sections are flopping compared to 2011/2012 FOTP era. It's cuz mostly discussion is happening on either Twitter or ATRL
  2. Voted for Rihanna since once upon a time I created Rihanna in #PI #UnknownPleasures #DeathOfUs #SideEffects
  3. MJ I remember it was the last day of 8th grade, everyone was talking about it! Whitney I remember I was on the computer when it happened, reading about the Grammys. Prince, I don't remember.
  4. Wow the top 10 is SO WEIRD this week
  5. Discussion

    I'm actually here for a remix album!
  6. Post the track list
  7. Album

    I think they are dropping a Anti remixed album. There's mixes being prepped for Woo and Desperado, in addition to Pose/SWM/The Singles
  8. Single

    Omg I love this! Her voice and the beat
  9. What do you mean did they snatch two Ari rejects?
  10. Talent doesn't always win
  11. SNATCHED MY THREAD HOE @Tasso but im perched How unexpecting!