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  1. am i a zara larsson stan now? 

    1. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Condolences. cry9

    2. Georgina Hill-Brown
    3. Royalty


      My condoleances

  2. this song is literally timeless. still sounds fresh af 13 years later
  3. Any reason why this is pinned when it hasn’t been updated in 6 years?
  4. This needed to be a hit along with Ruin My Life, Don’t Worry Bout Me, Wow, and All The Time
  5. i think it’s youtube, there’s like a filtered-ish sound right? and thanks
  6. Thought the remix was a bit, awkward. So I added Nicki’s verse from the demo and Nicki’s final verse, cleaned up the beat switch and outro a bit. Please lmk what you think and share it with everyone
  7. Is this what stanning Rihanna has come to?
  8. Hi 👋  

  9. I'm subscribed to you on YouTube so ill get the video when you drop the teaser