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  1. Tbh how unprofessional. She’s messing with peoples lives and people’s money by being a bitch.
  2. Reddit How/where can I post them without a DL link? Edit: someone posted them on SoundCloud. @Sylk @Warrior they are mixed stems btw. Just bass percussion piano and vocal.
  3. Mess I didn’t know this was rare I had the stems for a while
  4. Event

    Guys check songstems on Reddit
  5. Now available on Apple Music, Spotify etc. Do you think we will get a Anti Remixed Album eventually?
  6. Rumor

    In November 2011, Sony Music Entertainment partnered with Dr. Luke to create Kemosabe Records.[1] The company releases records with Sony Music Entertainment.[2] Łukasz Gottwald was given the rights to hire his own staff, sign artists, and develop talent, but he was only able to produce records for Sony artists until 2016.[3] [4] In April 2017, Sony distanced itself from the producer after singer Kesha accused him of rape.[5] As of April 26, 2017, the Kemosabe Website is no longer accessible, and a message from Google saying "This site is down or has moved!" With a look at RCA and Sony Music's Website, Kemosabe has also been removed from the "Labels" List. [6][7] Before it was shut down, nine artists were signed to Kemosabe. Becky G (joint U.S. deal with RCA Records) [8] Juicy J (joint U.S. deal with Epic Records & Columbia Records) Kesha (joint U.S. deal with RCA Records) LunchMoney Lewis (joint U.S. deal with Columbia Records) Lil Bibby (joint U.S. deal with RCA Records) Elliphant (joint U.S. deal with TEN Music Group) Christian Burghardt (joint U.S. deal with RCA Records) Rock City (joint U.S. deal with RCA Records) Sophia Black (joint U.S. deal with RCA Records) Paper Route[9] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kemosabe_Records Also their website is no longer accessible/running and they arent listed in Sony or RCA as labels!
  7. Apple Music, iHeartRadio and MTV (Online) is streaming it too!
  8. Risky? Oh no 🤦🏻‍♂️
  9. Some people are saying it's from anti and some people are saying this is from that shelved 2009 album b4 Rated R
  10. Rumor

    Ehh and Burritos were two Home related songs
  11. She is slaying