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  1. Gossip

    Kim got her shook!
  2. For me it depends on the time lol
  3. Floored David and Nicki always kills it! I think the perfect blend of Pop and Hip-Hop!
  4. Prob Drake & Kanye? But Drake just dropped an album, but he's promoting it as a "playlist".
  5. Her and Zendaya needs more attention!
  6. It's not two cameras one of them is a iris scanner
  7. Other

    I think Don Diablo? Ik it's on the Remix EP
  8. Album

    Is it out?
  9. What do u mean her label? didnt Republic put out Bang Bang and The Weeknd songs on SoundCloud for free?
  10. Yasss Kylie!
  11. I like some male artists like Drake, Chris Brown, J.Cole, Kanye, The Weeknd, Bruno, Usher .etc. Some like Bieber are just used for bops like Britney & Gaga. DJs like Calvin Harris/David Guetta/Chainsmokers/DJ Khaled I don't even consider artists if they have a bunch of artists in their songs. I don't really use the new rappers because it's all mumbled crap with an occasional bop. I don't wanna sound like indie or whatever but songs I mostly prefer are songs that I can relate to, like Take Care (the album), 2014 FHD, Beauty Behind The Madness, Fortune, X as well as pop girl albums. i guess I just like R&B/Hip-Hop/Pop albums. I guess that's why Rih/Nicki are my favs too
  12. I think I might sit out this season Got too much on my plate rn and I can't give even 50% of my time to play
  13. Single

    Change It is dope! No Frauds >> Regret in Your Tears >> Changed It