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  1. I’m available Friday I’m working the rest of the weekend
  2. Can’t believe she cancelled the one near me dumb ass bitch
  3. Other

    Occasionally, not as much anymore but the stems for Kiss It Better leaked and I had to do something
  4. Piano was a cover I found on Youtube by one of those generic Karaoke channels, and I just added the vocals
  5. The stems or the piano edit?
  6. Kiss It Better stems leaked so I whipped an piano version of KIB lemme know if you guys wanna hear it so I can post it on SoundCloud.
  7. Game

    1. Freedom - Monster 2. Up In Flames - Royale 3. Up in Flames - Royalty 4. Freedom - Rico 5. 6. 7.
  8. Game

    Can I vote even if I’m up for elimination?
  9. Bangers era tracks give me life
  10. Wow Pink looks hot
  11. Disney stay doing too much just put your shit on Netflix or Hulu like everyone else stop trying to be captain save a hoe smh
  12. Game

    Poor Strippers
  13. I wanted Bangers 2 not no Ray of Light bullshit