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  1. This family is a mess. Jamie Lynn should have recorded that and sat on it for a few hours, realize how bad she comes off, and delete it from her phone before posting. Passive aggressive much young JL?? "IDC if she runs away into a rainforest and have a million babies" "If she wants to terminate the cship or fly to Mars." Jamie Lynn is totally minimizing Britney's abuse with outlandish claims of support. Why doesn't she say, "I support her removing our father as conservator, this is abuse." Also leave out the "I told you so", claiming Britney finally listened to JL by
  2. Lana has paid her dues and then some. They give her much more creative freedom with her projects. She has a hardcore loyal fan base and the label believes her current Country music experimentation with the likes of Nikki Lane and upcoming Blue Banister album can bring a whole new audience into her world and $$ in their pockets. Lana dictates the promotion she will do and it's very limited. Nothing like the Born To Die Days. As a songwriter, she is among the best. You can't argue with Bruce Springsteen can you? https://www.nme.com/news/music/bruce-springsteen-heaps-more-p
  3. You're 100% correct, it wasn't an accident! I came across it because I use YouTube filters to search "Lana Del Rey" Today This week This month I've come across tons of unreleased / leaked songs over the years doing it (most recently French Restaurant). You are in a Lana Del Rey forum, therefore you'll probably be exposed to things pertaining to her. That's why I linked to someone with 14 views, don't be so negative dude.
  4. No, it's not me (lol). He is entertaining and knows quite a bit about LDR for a kid his age.
  5. WTF? All 3 sound like a night of coke, writing a stream of consciousness she believes are songs, they are so self indulging, self serving, disconnected, and don't sound like songs but she doesn't even recognize it. I know the label gives her creative freedom (she is the best singer song writer) but this was a bad idea that shouldn't have ever been released. Text Book is semi-listenable thanks to the chorus but that's not saying much. Was looking forward to Blue Banisters, since I love Chemtrails so much.
  6. Blue is a mood. It's in every one of her songs .
  7. Tulsa Jesus Freak Dark But Just a Game Wild at Heart White Dress Chemtrails Over The County Club Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost Dance Til We Die Breaking Up Slowly For Free Yosemite Let Me Love You Like a Woman
  8. I think it could be one of her best albums. Only Born To Die had this kind of effect on me after one listen. She sounds angelic, light and not Lana dark. The production is on another level. There were always some skip songs and lyrics could sound lazy or uninspired. Not skipping. Songwriting is on point and the many different music styles throughout the album or on just a single song mix into each other dreamily and makes the album flow beginning to end. I guess I like it
  9. It's a really good song and single. She sounds angelic while looking back before she was famous. Ultraviolence souding guitar riffs.
  10. I got to hear a promo copy of the entire CD. The sound quality was excellent, wait for legit, not leaks going around. I think this could be her best album. I only got to listen to the entire album one time. The album flows from beginning to end and there's so many distinct different sounds. R&B, electric, chill, indie-pop, country, folk, blues, funk, California, 60s, pop, The Beatles, The Chainsmokers, Bob Dylan sound sometimes a bunch in one song and it sounds great. Born To Die, Ultraviolence, Honeymoon, Lust For Life, and Norman sounds, beats, style are sprinkled throughout the alb
  11. Can't wait to hear her cover anything Patsy Cline. She said she was, " I have some Patsy Cline songs I’ve been wanting to cover for a really long time." My guess is it could be Crazy, Sweet Dreams, You Belong To Me, She's Got You, or Walkin' After Midnight. \