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  1. Love this Gif +lol++lol++lol+ And by the way I bet GaGa will be #1!!!
  2. Uh, this Internet connection is killing me. If only I were at home, I would watch this video million times already!
  3. Oh, thank you so much!!! No, Mediafire's not blocked!
  4. Oh, God!!! I'm at work now and will be here then video comes out. YouTube is blocked here, just like any other streaming video site. :'(:'(:'(
  5. That was pretty obvios. Especially since Yulya bad-mouthed about Lena. But I'm sad. I really love dem bitches.
  6. +legend++legend++legend+ It looks so good, yet too similar to Melanie C's "Yeah Yeah Yeah".
  7. No, I'm still exited about Cannibal. I love it even more now, except for Sleazy
  8. And me, please! I wanna have that thing in my Award Showcase too.
  9. The behind the scenes is very "Yeah Yeah Yeah" by Melanie C imo. Guess who was director of this video back in 2004? Right, Ray Kay.